State machine auto transaction details on March 30

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Financial APP2022 March 30, China Motor (600335) reported 8.81 yuan, down 9.92%, trading volume 109.5686 million shares, the turnover of 974.6616 million yuan, turnover rate 10.64%, amplitude 6.24%, volume ratio 1.13 financial March 30,According to the financial App intelligent monitoring shows the list type:Within three trading days in a row, the decline deviation reached 20% in total. Ranked Business Department Name Purchase Amount (ten thousand) Sold Amount (ten thousand) Net Amount (ten thousand) Purchase Amount Top 5 Total Purchases: Proportion in total transactions:1 China Galaxy Securities Co., LTD., Beijing Zhushikou Street Securities Sales Department, Huatai Securities Co., LTD., Taizhou Central Avenue Securities Sales Department, China Post Securities Co., LTD., Xi ‘an South Street Securities Sales Department 2East Fortune Securities Co., LTD. Lhasa East Ring Road First Securities Business Department 2239.730.002239.735 East Fortune Securities Co., LTD. Lhasa East Ring Road Second Securities Business Department 2115.400.002115.40Total number of top 5 sales: Percentage of total transactions:Shenwan Hongyuan Securities Co., LTD. Jinhua Bayi North Street Securities Sales Department Huatai Securities Co., LTD. Taizhou Central Avenue Securities Sales Department7-3205.774 Jinhua Houjie Securities Business Department of Zheshang Securities Co., LTD.And does not constitute investment advice.This article is from financial APP