Official completion!Jinshan road is lit up!

2022-06-03 0 By

Recently, zhucao Road street lamp transformation project was officially completed, all lights.It not only greatly improves the traffic conditions of Caojing Town, but also provides a better security guarantee for villagers to travel at night.Reporters in the Zhucao road to see, the reconstruction of a new road flat and spacious.The neat new street lamps on both sides of the road form a beautiful scenery line.Surrounding villagers told reporters, originally here not only potholes, even the streetlight is also good and bad, night travel is very inconvenient.Villager Ms. Lu: There were street lamps in the past, but they were very low and low. Some of them were broken and people could not see them clearly when they went out at night.Mr. Yao, villager: In the past, the street lamps were sometimes on and sometimes not at night. Now, when the street lamps are on, they are very bright. It is very comfortable to walk.As an important north-south passage in Caojing Town, the Main road of Zhucao Road was completed and opened to traffic at the end of November last year.At the same time, in order to ensure the safety of people traveling at night, zhucao Road street lamp renovation project was officially launched in January this year, a total of 109 lamps have been upgraded and replaced.Du Jing, deputy director of The Planning, Construction and Ecological Protection Office of Caojing Town, said: the new LED lights are also higher and brighter than before, ensuring the safety of people’s travel.In addition, 15 bus shelters have been built along caojing Town to improve the waiting environment for nearby villagers.Not only has the shed and seating been added, but it is also more intelligent.Du Jing, Deputy director of The Planning, Construction and Ecological Protection Office of Caojing Town, said: “In the past, there was a sticker on the bus stop, but it didn’t show when the bus would arrive or how long it would take. The new shelter has some intelligent elements, so that the elderly can know how long the bus will have to wait, which makes it convenient for them to travel.The reporter | QiJingWei Tang Yichao correspondent | kit edit | Chen Weiting coordinating editor | Chen Weiting