Loudi Changan Kaicheng F70 store price reduced 0.09%, welcome to the store appreciation

2022-06-03 0 By

Now a car?To save more money?To worry?To offer?To lavish gifts?They’re all here today!F70 limited time promotion, 02.20-02.20, discount 0.09%, welcome to the store to open more surprise benefits, store address:Loudi Motor City (next to the former cotton mill), Xiangyang Street, Louxing District, Loudi City, promotion time from February 20, 20222.5T diesel manual two-drive excellent edition long shaft JE4D25Q6A114,900 Yuan 0.01 yuan 114,800 yuan 2.5T diesel manual four-drive excellent edition long shaft JE4D25Q6A127,900 yuan 0.01 yuan2.0t diesel manual two drive excellent version long shaft 4D20M129,900 yuan 0.01million 129,800 yuan 2.4T gasoline automatic four drive excellent version standard shaft 4K22D4T124,900 yuan 0.24T gasoline automatic four-wheel drive beyond version standard shaft 4K22D4T136,900 Yuan 0.01 yuan 136,800 yuan