Ctrip launched 3+2 every Wednesday, Friday can be home remote office mode, you sour?

2022-06-03 0 By

Ctrip, one of the biggest travel OTA companies in the world, will introduce a new policy of “3+2” hybrid working mode. Starting from March, its employees will be allowed to work from home on Wednesdays and Fridays without salary adjustment. All they need is the approval of their immediate supervisor.On Zhihu, some internal employees said that this policy was actually tested last year, and the experimental objects were female employees, because female employees have children at home and need to balance their families and carry out the selection system.Results from the 01 trial showed a 13% increase in performance among home-workers in a randomised trial;Those who already thought they were suited to working from home increased their performance by 22 per cent.At the same time, employees are more satisfied with their jobs, with the turnover rate falling by 50%.What does that mean?It shows that this system is enforceable. After in-depth discussion by the top management and HR team, they believe that it can improve the benefits of the enterprise, so they carry out comprehensive promotion.The companies that monitor paid employees’ pooping, develop systems for handling fish, and promote the spirit of the Wolf will lose face.Do you like this model?Rightly, ctrip still has female pregnant every day 50 yuan dozen fare, unripe baby 3000 yuan reward welfare policy, your acid not acid?Anyway, I am sour, who let me go to Ctrip before the interview did not pass