You don’t want to use the husband, be careful someone use

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We often hear the term “nuhanzi” to describe women.Such words, is usually used to describe such a woman: she can one breath carrying 50 catties of rice, not panting upstairs, can a family, a career, two do not mistake.Quarrel can quarrel, reason can also speak.And tough women also have their own troubles, that is, they do not feel cared for, and love.A friend, really good.Her business is flourishing and her daughter is beautiful and sensible.However, it is in the face of her husband, she seems quite weak.Her husband’s bossing and indifference to her, let her feel that marriage is no temperature.But, no one knows, this woman peacetime in the family, all housework, kitchen, never let her husband insert a hand, she said her husband even can not find the kitchen chopsticks put where?In life, the child’s diet and daily life, the husband has never handled, if you ask his child now on which grade, he certainly does not know.Both sides of the elderly, from birthday, to the festival, are the woman’s hand.Even so, the friend didn’t miss work.She kept her business going from strength to strength.One day, a friend drunk, said he was tired.Not long after, she told me a story that she said she had unwittingly allowed to rattle her heart.The story is a woman’s account: my husband and I, from love to marriage, all the way smoothly.After marriage, my husband was busy with his career, and I was at home, taking care of the children and the elderly.He never took part in the family affairs.But we made a promise before we got married that every weekend we would go out to dinner, see a movie, or do nothing but go to the park.Except under special circumstances.It was a sunny and sunny weekend, my husband and I got up early and prepared to go to a picnic in the wild a little far away, the time of the day, just right.In my eyes, my husband has always been a career man, and even some people do not eat fireworks.On the other hand, when we were halfway there, we met a car parked on the side of the highway with a flat tire.The woman was waving anxiously by the side of the road.We stopped the car naturally, after understanding the good situation, my husband said nothing.He picked up the jack and, in minutes, changed the broken tire and installed the spare one.When I got back to the car and looked at my husband who was a little black and gray in his palm, I suddenly understood one thing. If you don’t want to use your husband, someone will use it for you one day.Friends finished the story, muttered in a low voice, on the same day, I will experiment a: on the day it happened that I shop to a few cases of large goods, put in at ordinary times, I must be with workers, the goods carried to the shop, I looked back at that day in the car’s husband, not loud, “husband, goods too much, you help!”And guess what?I looked at my friend’s big eyes and winked at me. “As a result, I just learned that day that my husband is also a cannibal!He carried the crates, almost all of them by himself, back to the shop without any effort!”There is nothing wrong with the division of labor between male and female, but with the rapid development of The Times, life and work are too demanding for a woman.A tough girl who accidentally threw herself into the city.Don’t forget to act in pettish, hair dia, maybe, there will be unexpected harvest.The husband is used to use, don’t be pampered, abducted by the heart of the people.