Winter Olympics know: Why are snow sports becoming more popular?

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Why are snow sports becoming more popular?”The kind of freedom, the kind of freedom, the kind of primal, instinctive pleasure you can’t get on the ground.”The popularity of ice and snow sports is an inevitable outcome of China’s economic development.In around 2000, there were only 50 ski resorts in China, by 2010 there were 270, and this year there will be more than 1,000.From our daily life, we can actually feel that ten years ago, the distance of skiing is still very far, but in recent years, every skiing season, friends circle can always brush to go skiing.In addition, drive and official also has a lot to do, in 2018, sports administration issued the “led three hundred million people participate in ice and snow sports” implementation outline, policy encouragement and the media’s blessing, ice and snow sports venue construction and activities of a little by leaps and bounds in recent years, we naturally very easy to feel the heat of the ice and snow sports.Of course, ice and snow sports can be deeply rooted in the hearts of people, or rely on its natural charm, the kind of free and flying in the ice and snow, the kind of primitive, instinctive pleasure can not be obtained on the ground.Although the modern snow and ice sports have not yet developed in China, the folk wild snow and ice sports have a long history in the north of China, and the modern snow and ice sports are actually derived from these folk games. People in the north of China like snow and ice sports, and they have genes.Ice due in Beijing and the north sea ice rink, every winter thronged, tried their best folk deities, ice skating, due to it has become the feelings and memories of several generations, in the old gun son, six ye here is the ice skating, traces the history, became an ice rink here 300 years ago, at that time one, called ice equivalent to today’s figure skating,During cixi’s reign, an official royal skating team was established.Source: Sports