Triangle tire Zhou Pengcheng: cutting edge of the industry innovation pioneer

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From the basic level of technology research and development personnel, grow into the industry “leader”, by what?The answer may be found in Zhou Pengcheng, executive deputy general manager of industrial Design Center of Triangle Tire Co., LTD.After joining Triangle Group for nearly 20 years, he organized and developed three projects, such as “Research on High-performance Green Tire Special Type Technology”, which won the first prize of Shandong Province Enterprise technology Innovation;Organized the development of special bus tire products to effectively improve product performance, noise test decibel is far lower than the EU standard……Putting aside these appearances, the underlying logic lies in his persistence and adherence to the word “innovation”.”As a Party member, I want to dare to innovate, be good at innovation, strive to be a pioneer of scientific and technological innovation, play an exemplary role and contribute to the development of the industry.”Zhou pengcheng said.What does Zhou Pengcheng do to challenge the impossible?In a nutshell — challenge the impossible.Years ago, companies were given the task of “customising” tyres for high-speed rail construction vehicles.After getting customer demand, we gasped: in order to adapt to the tunnel paving environment, tires to small size, high load, the vehicle load of up to 900 tons, this kind of limit requirements in The domestic precedent.The more difficult the moment, the more can reveal the true colors of the party members, Zhou Pengcheng and the team into the laboratory to explore this “no man’s land”.If you don’t have experience, you have to wade through a new path.The team spread out every detail, repeated experiments and simulations around tire structure, materials and other elements. After dozens of explorations, special industrial radial tire products were finally born, making a positive contribution to serving the construction of high-speed railway.This is just one of Zhou’s numerous innovation challenges.”Party members should stand at the forefront of overcoming difficulties”. Adhering to this firm belief, he led his team to make breakthroughs in technological innovation and improving product design, and conquered one problem after another.To advance to the forefront of industry technology, he led the design team and the mechanical simulation team to carry out the simulation prediction technology research of tire performance, established the simulation digital prediction platform, and successfully applied in the tire design and manufacturing process.In service of national key projects, the Industrial Design Center under his leadership organized and developed “the first set of industrial tires with special specifications for beam transport vehicles in 1000t high-speed railway construction”, which filled the gap in the industry.One high quality innovation results in the leadership of Zhou Pengcheng was born, but he knew that these are not enough.As a veteran Party member, he not only bears the innovation responsibility of the company, but also bears the heavy social responsibility.”Environmental protection” is on the agenda of Zhou pengcheng’s team.”Our group puts forward the concept of ‘low-carbon development, green manufacturing’, which should be practiced in product design and development to help create a high-quality ecological environment.”Zhou pengcheng said.This is not empty talk, he continued to improve the production process, adhere to the development and promotion of low carbon environmental protection production process.Among them, one time low temperature rubber refining process technology to achieve low carbon, green, environmental protection, high-performance tire production system efficient operation, as well as a significant reduction in energy consumption.For 20 years, innovation consciousness has been internalized in Zhou Pengcheng’s thinking and externalized in action.He presided over the development of a special bus product noise test far below the EU standard.According to the development needs of new energy buses in China, he organized the design and development of 265/55R17.5 product, which is currently being tested in a large passenger car factory. It will become the standard tire specification of all its vehicles, and has been unanimously affirmed by the testers.”A Party member is a banner. While changing the style of work, we should also drive and organize other Party members to improve together and form a joint force.”Zhou pengcheng said.To better motivate r&d innovation power, provide a good growth environment for young researchers, his group has established r&d engineer qualification standards, internal performance integral system, patent reward system and graduate program, visible, reach reward and honor in the eyes, everyone’s enthusiasm was thoroughly.At the same time of “making rules”, Zhou pengcheng unreservedly passed on his knowledge to others to share and make progress with team members.Under his leadership, a batch of workplace newcomers grow into the backbone of the industry, Nie Benliang is one of them.”10 years ago, WHEN I first joined the company, I knew nothing. Zhou was like a master, teaching me how to deal with all kinds of difficult problems.Since then, I have applied for more than 10 patents and undertaken more than 10 major projects of the company.”Now, Nie Benliang has become a “master” of the industry, mentioned Zhou Pengcheng once helped, he is still grateful.”I am now a probationary party member, and Manager Zhou was my introduction for joining the Party. Like him, I will always stick to my original mission as a party member and help and serve more people.”Under the leadership and influence of Zhou Pengcheng, talents like Nie Benliang emerge in endlessly, and the party branch of the company’s industrial design Center has developed into the core force of uniting and condensing the company’s scientific research team.In recent years, the company has obtained a total of 238 national patents, including 52 invention patents, and its scientific research ability continues to improve.Why are you so hardworking and dedicated?Zhou pengcheng talked about guo Yonghuai, the “lighthouse” in his heart.”I was deeply touched when I visited guo yonghuai’s exhibition hall many years ago and learned how he protected data before his death.I hope TO be like him and contribute to the country’s scientific and technological development.”As a representative of the 16th Weihai Party Congress, Zhou Pengcheng said that he will continue to make efforts in scientific and technological innovation, adhere to want to do, can do, accomplish, realize self-value in innovation, hone the true qualities of party members in the dedication.