The much-anticipated Ford EVOS has finally arrived!Come and try

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New Year has a good implication, might as well choose a more in line with their own style of car to open a new chapter of 2022.All new Ford EVOS, official guide price 1998-259,800 yuan ①, unlock the amazing life with science, give life a new color, will open up a new world for you!2, any brand replacement enjoy lifelong free maintenance + up to 15,000 yuan replacement subsidy 2, 3 times of free basic maintenance 3 +2 years of free road rescue 4 + three years or one hundred thousand kilometers of vehicle warranty (the first to take) + continuous OTA upgrade *January 1, 2022 — January 31, 2022, first buy, first serve.①EcoBoost®245 technology edition is a major customer model. It is manufactured to order and has customer qualification and minimum order quantity requirements. The delivery period is more than 6 months.Specific order terms and delivery cycle will depend on the demand and parts supply, please call Changan Ford 4008877766 hotline for more information.(2) When changan Ford owners use Changan Ford models to replace Ford EVOS, they can use the original car valuation + replacement subsidy to offset the down payment amount to achieve the low EVOS of 0 yuan.The valuation of the original car shall be subject to the actual evaluation, and the relevant requirements of the second-hand car replacement policy shall be consulted with the local authorized second-hand car dealer.The specific replacement subsidy will vary depending on the replacement model, please contact your local dealer for details.(3) 3 times of free basic maintenance (including the first guarantee), the number of times of use a year is not more than twice (including 2 times), basic maintenance is to replace the oil machine filter.④ Free road assistance: road repair (tire change, electric ride), trailer (including accident trailer), taxi and hotel accommodation services (if the conditions meet the conditions can be enjoyed).* Contact your local distributor for details.Intelligent aesthetic design brings the ultimate visual shock, the ritual sense of life to unlock a new world!Avant-garde sliding back modeling, penetrating edge lamp belt, breathing 3D scale mouth……The new “potential energy aesthetic design” always highlights the high unity of movement and technology!1.1m ultra wide area HD large screen, interior space of the same class…”Intelligent embrace cockpit Design” to create luxurious atmosphere cockpit space!Intelligent comprehensive interaction to create a private quiet space, all the trend of technology only to understand you!SYNC?+2.0 system, VPA Zhixing partner……Second understand the demand of human-computer intelligent interaction with your tacit understanding!AR real navigation, joint driving fun, free secret environment, space and time secret message…Immersive driving to create a quiet car to enjoy the experience!Wisdom fun driving to meet the thirst for the unknown, the desire to break the wind from power!Co-pilot 360TM system, Ford Road System (V2I)…More predictive wisdom will take you on a fun-filled journey!EcoBoost?2.0T engine, 8-speed manual transmission……Wild momentum takes you through the obstacles and straight ahead!The new Ford EVOS has been installed in the store. Welcome to the store for a taste!This store is hulun Buir area brand flagship old store, sales team to provide services for you.There is a variety of styles in the store, and there is always one that suits your taste and style.In addition to the scheme, there are more than a variety of car purchase financial scheme for you to choose, to ensure that you harvest satisfaction!Our shop also provides a number of value-added services, rapid approval process, to provide you with a convenient car purchase journey.Changan Ford after-sales service team will provide you with timely solutions to all kinds of after-sales problems, eliminating your worries.Now order the new Ford EVOS, old car owners enjoy the “0 yuan upgrade” and other multiple great benefits, welcome to consult or test drive experience.Not only that, but if you want to know more about the EVOS, go to the store and test drive it.The new Ford EVOS has arrived in the store, welcome to inquire or to the store test drive experience!Consultation hotline: 0470-8989876 Address: Ford 4S Shop, Li Feng Automobile Park, east side of Hai Yi Road, Ewenki Qi