The excavation of longquan inverted siphon shield tunnel in central Yunnan Water diversion Project exceeded 4,000 meters

2022-06-02 0 By

Yunnan Net News (Reporter Li Chenghan, reporter Jiang Li Ping, Lei Bo Xiang Qingming) On January 30th, on the arrival of the Spring Festival, the excavation of the longquan inverted siphon shield tunnel of central Yunnan water diversion project contracted by China Railway No. 5 Electric Service Chengtong Company broke through 4000 meters, and 78.9% of the total length of the shield tunnel was completed.It is understood that longquan inverted siphon is connected with Longquan tunnel and Kun tunnel, with a total length of 5071.693 meters. It is the only tunnel constructed by shield tunneling method along the whole line of the central Yunnan Water diversion project.Longquan inverted siphon tunnel is laid along Fengyuan Road, with large traffic flow, dense surface pipelines and many surrounding buildings, resulting in great construction risks.Since last September shield tunneling breakthrough after 3000 meters, the project department to carry out the epidemic prevention and control, strict careful planning, careful organization, the rational allocation of personnel, materials and machinery and equipment, “long shong” shield “zero settlement” to record the smoothly through the kunming metro line 2 risk points, has overcome the three consecutive 300 meters turn the unfavorable factors such as the small radius curve,On the premise of ensuring safety and quality, after four months of hard work, “Longxiang” shield machine tunneling to 4000 meters, more than half a year ahead of the bidding schedule.With the tunneling of shield tunneling machine breaking through 4000 meters, “Longxiang” shield tunneling machine has entered the “sprint” stage of the last kilometer, when the maximum buried depth of shield tunneling will reach 80 meters, the high buried depth and high water and soil pressure will severely test the bearing capacity of key components of “Longxiang” shield tunneling machine.At present, the staff of the project department are united as one and have the confidence to realize the completion of longquan inverted siphon shield by June this year, laying a solid foundation for the comprehensive construction of the secondary lining in the next step.