The 5th Fujian Literature Book list “readers’ Favorite books” is launched, come to vote

2022-06-02 0 By

Under the guidance of Fujian Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and Fujian Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles, sponsored by Fujian Provincial Library and Fujian Provincial Writers Association, the collection and selection of “the fifth Fujian Literary Good Books List — Readers’ Favorite Books” was launched jointly by fujian provincial libraries and Writers Association.Zhou Ruichun, male, han nationality, was born in Youxi County, Fujian Province in 1960. He graduated from Southwest Institute of Political Science and Law in 1982.He has served as vice President of Fujian Higher People’s Court and first-class senior judge, director of China Civil Law Society, director of China Administrative Law Society, adjunct professor of Xiamen University Law School, adjunct professor of National Huaqiao University Law School.He is now a member of Fujian Writers Association, executive director of China Behavioral Law Society and president of Corporate Governance Research Institute of China Behavioral Law Society.He is the author of “Verdict heavy Nanshan” (Law Publishing House) and “The Boundless Meaning of Law” (Fujian People’s Publishing House).Voting site: source: journal of fujian