Haikou west Coast through the renewal project is expected to complete “three” through by the end of March this year

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According to Hainan Daily client | reporter Ji Sijia, special correspondent Chen Chuangmiao, correspondent Chai Wenya, on the morning of February 8th, workers went into the construction site of Road 21# of haikou West Coast transmuting and renewal project. Workers were working in full blast, with large construction vehicles such as roller and truck shuttling back and forth, and the roar of machines was endless in our ear.The eye-catching countdown board on the wall reminds the construction staff to go all out to fight the project sprint.Nearly 200 front-line construction personnel stick to their posts to ensure that the project does not stop during the Spring Festival.Xue Jianhua, in his 40s, is a bricklayer at the project site.Wearing an orange vest emblazoned with the words “Beijing Construction Engineering”, he jumped into the half-deep gutter and built a rainwater well with bricks along the freshly laid sewer pipe.He picked up a brick, deftly smeared it with cement with a shovel, and then squatted down carefully.Although the weather is cool, but because of constantly squat down, get up, less than 20 minutes, Xue Jianhua’s forehead was covered with fine beads of sweat.”I am from Shandong province. In order to meet the deadline for this Spring Festival, I chose to stay at the construction site.”Xue jianhua told reporters that there are nearly 200 workers like him who stick to the construction site during the Spring Festival. “I feel sorry that I didn’t go home to reunite with my family.But during the Spring Festival, the construction side overtime pay, holiday allowance to a lot of workers together to make dumplings, eat New Year’s Eve dinner is also quite lively, the in the mind feel very beautiful!”Nearly 200 front-line construction personnel stick to their posts to ensure that the project does not stop during the Spring Festival.Correspondent Chai Wenya photo according to the introduction, in order to revitalize the west coast recreational and sports resources, improve the city image, Haikou started the west Coast through the renewal project.The project starts from Xiuyinggou in the east, reaches new seaport in the west, and north of Binhai Road to the seashore, with a coastline length of about 13.1 kilometers.The main construction contents mainly include slow passage connection, environment transformation, supporting facilities construction, ecological environment improvement and new 21# Road, Changbin North Road, Changxi Road, etc.After the completion of the project, the west coast will solve the “poor coastal, night scenery is not bright, business is not hot” and other situations, to achieve the good vision of “return to the sea, return to the coast, return to the scene in the people”.”I worked overtime on the night of January 27 to lay water and stabilize the layer” “I worked overtime on the night of February 5 to pour concrete”…The tense construction atmosphere of the project can also be seen in the construction log of chief technical engineer Wang Zhi.”The second consumer Goods Fair will be held in Haikou International Convention and Exhibition Center in April this year. Our project is also a major livelihood project serving the consumer goods Fair, so the construction period is very tight.”In order to save time, Wang simply moved his “office” to the construction site.The reporter saw that he drove the car to the 21# side of the road, opened the trunk, inside a shelf board, covered with drawings and construction drawings.Once the staff encountered any technical problems in the process of construction, he immediately picked up the construction drawings to check the site and study solutions.”The project started on October 28 last year and has completed 33.79% of the total image progress so far.At present, the foundation construction of the project’s ‘three paths’ (walking path, running path and cycling path) and landscape topography are progressing as planned.”The project owner, Haikou Tourism and Culture Investment Holding Group deputy general manager Song Yan introduced, in order to ensure that the completion of the changhuan Road to Changxiang Road road construction on March 15, March 31 to complete the “three” through the project, the project continues to increase machinery, personnel input, to ensure efficient and high-quality completion of the project construction task on schedule.”The construction side has attracted a total of 278 front-line construction personnel and management personnel to spend the Spring Festival on the spot by improving the treatment of Chinese New Year and communicating workers’ ideological work, and 74 sets of machinery and equipment have been put into the site, so that the project does not stop work during the Spring Festival.”Song yan said that workers will return to Work in The near future, and it is expected that the peak period of the first-line construction staff will reach nearly 300 people.Haikou west Coast through the renewal project in the process of promotion, also involves a lot of pipeline migration, business type adjustment, land acquisition list and other issues.In order to do a good job in supporting services, haikou Xiuying District Government has set up a special class of Haikou West Coast Connection and renewal Project, stationed at the project front line and holding weekly coordination meetings to timely solve the “difficult and miscellaneous diseases” encountered in the process of project construction and apply appropriate medicine to ensure the smooth progress of the project.Effect “as the rich west coast business format, we have also designed class through the way of enterprise linkage, coordination of 16 enterprises participate in the project update, along the 16 companies own business format analysis, and in-depth visits for advice, also for individual forms of operational planning advice, help to solve the actual problem.”Haikou city west coast through the renewal project work special class related person in charge said that during the second consumer fair, there will be hotels to launch bars, simple meals outside the service, for the participation of Chinese and foreign businessmen and citizens to provide better experience.Director on Duty: Zhang Jie Director on Duty: Yuan Feng Content review: Lin Ye Editor in charge: Liu Yangxiu