Dalian University of Technology is not in the top 30, while Shanghai University is in the top three

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Dalian University of Technology (DUT) drops out of the top 30, while Shanghai University remains in the top three.Dalian science and technology into the top 30, Shanghai university east China three big into the big three dalian university of technology school, comprehensive strength only lesser than Harbin, jilin university, but in the world’s four famous universities, dalian did not enter the 30 strong science and technology, Shanghai is 16 at home, better than dalian university of technology by more than 10, the trustworthy?Dalian science and Technology and Shanghai University are strong or weak, let us further understand the strength of the two.1. Dalian University of Science and Technology (DUST) is a state key university subordinate to the Ministry of Education. It is jointly established by the Ministry of Education, the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence, Liaoning Province and Dalian City.It was formerly known as Dalian University of Science and Technology, which was part of Dalian Institute of Technology and a subordinate college of the Ministry of Education, and was later renamed Dalian University of Technology.Shanghai University is an internationally renowned university jointly established by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and Shanghai Municipal Government. Shanghai University is relatively young. The Shanghai Municipal People’s Government established fudan University Branch, Shanghai Foreign Languages Branch, Instrument and Electronics Branch of East China Normal University, and Shanghai Campus of Shanghai University of Science and Technology.Department of Light Industry, Shanghai Machinery Department;Shanghai Academy of Arts;Former Shanghai University;Shanghai University of Science and Technology;University of Shanghai for Science and Technology;Shanghai Institute of Technology;Shanghai University.2. Force existing and development situation of dalian institute of science and technology specialty 1, 2, 2 first-class disciplines, 25 of postdoctoral scientific research, 13 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 4, 4 national key disciplines, six national secondary key disciplines, one of the top 1% in the world of ESI nine disciplines, two world-class construction disciplines,It has 3 state key laboratories, 1 State engineering research center and 1 state engineering laboratory.In the national four examinations, there are 7 subjects were rated as A class, you know, Dalian science and technology to Hong Kong Zhuhai, Macao bridge, Jiaolong manned submersible, Dalian aircraft carrier, Dalian Center, Taiwan version ink products, Dalian Institute of Science and Technology, has chemical technology, mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, business management and so on.Shanghai University now has 24 doctoral programs, 43 first-level programs, and 19 post-doctoral research stations, among which 9 disciplines rank among ESI global 1% and 4 national second-level key disciplines. In the fourth round of national discipline evaluation, two disciplines are ranked as first-class, and there are 16 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences (including double appointment).Shanghai College is mainly engaged in mechatronics engineering, mechanical engineering, Sociology, metal materials engineering, fine arts, etc.In fact, from the above figures, it is easy to judge which is stronger and which is weaker: As an affiliated university, Dalian University of Technology has a higher construction level than Shanghai University;As for doctorates, dalian University of Technology and post-doctoral research institutes also outnumber Shanghai University;As for academic, dalian university of technology has four state-level key professional, Shanghai university has no, dalian university of technology professional assessment is better than Shanghai, so, in terms of the present comprehensive ability, dalian university of technology’s overall ability is better in Shanghai, Shanghai science and technology under the condition of its location, may be more than dalian university of technology.