Changchun opened the tax green channel, escort anti-epidemic drug enterprises

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On March 25, a thank-you letter from China Resources Jilin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was sent to Changchun Tax Bureau via email, expressing heartfelt thanks to tax authorities for opening a “green channel” to provide considerate service to epidemic prevention and control enterprises during the special period of epidemic prevention and control.”Sister Liu, our company’s existing invoices will soon be used up. The tax service hall is temporarily closed, and the online mailing business has also been suspended. But the company is in urgent need of 2000 special invoices and 4000 ordinary invoices.On March 22, Liu Xiaofei, director of the First Tax Office of Changchun Economic Development District Tax Bureau, received an urgent call for help from Sun Mingming, chief financial officer of China Resources Jilin Pharmaceutical Co., LTD.Originally, in early March, China Resources Jilin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was identified as a key supplier of anti-epidemic drugs and medical supplies, mainly providing anti-epidemic medical supplies to major hospitals in Jilin Province.Recently, the enterprise medical supplies sales soared, the early application of inventory invoices will soon be exhausted.The shortage of invoices will delay the normal sales and operation of enterprises, and thus adversely affect the medical guarantee of epidemic prevention and control.After hanging up the phone, Liu Xiaofei immediately reported the situation to his superiors and was allowed to launch the emergency plan for tax payment services during the epidemic.Aimed at the problem of enterprise, they quickly develop “center” service plan, determined by taking part in the disease prevention and control of volunteer service work, hold “vehicle passes” the first point of the cadres jin-cheng liu “one-to-one” service, by the open area and the first to offer the epidemic prevention and control center report, obtained the approval and support.Early in the morning of March 23, Liu Jincheng drove to the tax service hall and made a video connection with the financial staff of the enterprise through the platform of “tax E Office”. In less than 10 minutes, he successfully completed the remote video real-name verification, invoice type verification, invoice receipt and other links of business.After the invoices were out of the warehouse, counted and disinfected, Liu jincheng set out immediately. Just after 7 o ‘clock, three boxes full of invoices were delivered to the gate of the enterprise.Author: Wang Qiuyue, all media reporter of Jilin Daily