Bing Dwen Dwen, an American athlete waiting for an elevator, waves and hugs and shouts “I love you”

2022-06-02 0 By

Overseas network on February 10, Beijing Winter Olympics mascot “Bing Dwen Dwen” exactly how popular, foreign athletes reaction is too real.Summer Britcher, an American bobsledder, posted a video of his encounter with Bing Dwen Dwen on Sunday, in which the athletes warmly invited bing Dwen Dwen to ride in an elevator with them, Shouting “We love you”.Mr. Britcher’s footage shows an official disguised as Bing Dwen Dwen waiting for an elevator carrying several foreign athletes to stop at a certain level.However, when Bing Dwen Dwen wanted to give the elevator to the athletes and wait for the next train, the elevator door was re-opened and Bing Dwen Dwen was quickly pulled in by the enthusiastic foreign athletes.Britcher made sure to share space with Bing Dwen Dwen in the video’s caption.The video shows many foreign athletes Shouting “we love you” and others hugging. It is heart-warming.Foreign netizens were “adorable” by the scene, with many commenting: “Bing Dwen Dwen is so cute,” “I wish I was in the elevator,” and “so heartwarming.”(Li Meng, Overseas Network)