What is the logic of audiophiles using only CD players instead of DVD and Blu-ray players?

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Pure tone MU9CD machine, adhere to the model of fever sound this period, we come to Guangdong Jiangmen pure tone electronic company, visit the fever in the world famous CD mechanism manufacturing company.In the early stage, Pure Sound started with OEM business, providing technology development and OEM production services for well-known HIFI brands at home and abroad.In 2016, Pure Tone launched its own brand MUSICNOTE. In pursuit of perfect sound quality, pure Tone has invested in technology and materials to develop more professional and cost-effective products.Founder Mr. Liang has more than 20 years of experience in the industry, the accumulation of strong technology.A lot of audiophiles have DVD, blu-ray machine to wait, why listen to a record even buy a CD machine?Mr. Liang said: DVD, Blu-ray machine image processing is better, but as a sound source, its code drop rate is relatively high, affecting the sound performance of the record.And fever CD machine is specialized in processing audio design and production, playing the performance of the record, more professional and excellent……What’s the logic behind audiophiles using only CD players instead of DVDS and Blu-ray?
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