Folktale: the beggar saved the old man and became a live-in son-in-law. The bride advised him to run away on their wedding night

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The story takes place in the Song Dynasty to dao period. There is a unique beggar named Nie Ziyu in Xiaoyu town. Nie ziyu was the son of the richest man in the town, but later became a beggar because his father failed in business.After becoming a beggar, Nie Ziyu had a strange rule: he only wanted one bowl of rice every day, and he would refuse anything else. Even if his former friends wanted to help him, nie ziyu would be regarded as an eccentric person.One day, Nie Ziyu got a bowl of rice as usual. When he was passing through a busy market, he was bumped into by an old man and half of the rice was spilled. He was about to get angry, but he found something wrong with the old man who knocked him down.The old man’s hair was pale and his clothes were messy. He looked very poor, but he wore good shoes, which made Nie Ziyu very puzzled.At this moment, the old man reached out his hand and pointed to the bowl of rice in Nie ziyu’s hand.Nie Ziyu took the old man to a corner and handed him the rice. The old man took the rice and wolfed it down immediately. The meal was finished in a short time.After the meal, the old man recovered a lot. He asked Nie Ziyu if he would go back with him and ask him to repay nie Ziyu. Nie Ziyu was about to refuse, but he saw the inscription on the old man’s belt.The inscription on the belt turned out to be a kind of ancient writing, which said that heaven is vigorous, the gentleman to unremitting self-improvement.Nie Ziyu thought that the man who owned this kind of belt was not a vulgar person, so he agreed to the old man.The old man took Nie Ziyu out of town and walked 20 kilometers to the south. The farther they went, the fewer people lived there. When Nie Ziyu was terrified, the old man took him to a big courtyard and said, “I’m afraid you’re going to have a family.Nie Ziyu and the old man went in to have a look. The layout of the courtyard was reasonable and magnificent, with a large family at the end. The old man asked Nie Ziyu to go to the guest room and have a rest.Before long, the old man appeared in front of Nie Ziyu in expensive clothes, took Nie Ziyu to the restaurant, and asked his daughter Zhao Honghuan to accompany him.During the dinner, the old man explained to Nie Ziyu that he was going to see an old friend a few days ago, but he met a robber who stole his property, which led to his dying of hunger. Fortunately, Nie Ziyu rescued him.Nie Ziyu quickly said that this was what he should do, so that the old man did not need to pay attention to, the old man pointed to Zhao Honghuan and said that in return, he promised his daughter to Nie Ziyu and they would get married tonight.Nie Ziyu was dumbfounded and did not know what good fortune he had made. When he was about to refuse, the old man’s face darkened, but Nie Ziyu had no choice but to agree.The old man asked his servant to give Nie Ziyu and Zhao Honghuan a good preparation, and locked them in the room at night.Nie ziyu and Zhao Honghuan were locked up and looked at each other. Nie Ziyu was just about to say something, but Zhao Honghuan said with a confused face: “Childe Nie, that old man zhao is not a man. Run away!”Nie ziyu was stunned, but Zhao Honghuan pulled him to the bedside, opened a tunnel that had been prepared, and asked Nie To go out and find a man who could kill the demon to save her. Nie Ziyu took the order and left.When Nie Ziyu got out of the tunnel, he sped up crazily because he was worried about Zhao Honghuan. As a result, he bumped into a man. The Taoist priest said that he was very evil and asked him if he had met anything strange.Half an hour later, Nie Ziyu returned to the courtyard. At this time, the old man was whipping Zhao Honghuan. When he saw the Taoist Priest, he turned around and ran away, but was beaten to ashes by the Taoist priest.Nie ziyu stepped forward and took Zhao honghuan in his arms and asked her what was going on.Zhao Honghuan said that the old man is not her father, but a Wolf in the mountain, kill her father, into her father’s appearance, and then pretend to be rescued, those people into the home, with Zhao Honghuan as bait, so that those people are willing to be controlled by him and absorb Yang qi, so that his cultivation more smoothly.But today, Zhao Honghuan saw Nie Ziyu’s extraordinary bearing and no malice towards her, so he asked Nie Ziyu to use the tunnel to escape and move for help. As expected, Nie Ziyu did not disappoint her expectations, successfully finding a Taoist and vanquishing the monster.Nie Ziyu suddenly realized that he kowtowed to the Taoist priest to thank him, but when he got up, there was no Taoist figure in front of him. He found a doctor to cure Zhao Honghuan, and then went to see her again.Later, with the help of Zhao Honghuan, Nie ziyu made immortal achievements. He returned home and lived a happy life with Zhao Honghuan.