A disgrace.Chen Shuyuan meets with the president of Vietnam Football Association, half-lying on the sofa, crossing his legs and posing as a big man

2022-06-01 0 By

Pride comes before a fall. The same goes for sports. In the history of world sports, countless people have proved this truth with their own experiences.However, for Chen Xuyuan, president of the Chinese Football Association (CFA), the team has not yet achieved much, he did not know his surname, the result of the speed of light was a slap in the face.Chen came under fire for a move he made during a meeting between the leaders of China’s women’s football teams, who beat Vietnam to reach the quarter-finals of the Asian Cup, and ahead of their clash in the round of 12.Photos circulating on the Internet showed Tran Quk Tuan, president of the Vietnam Football Association, sitting on a sofa in formal dress, leaning slightly sideways to communicate with Mr Chen.Chen xuyuan is wearing a tracksuit, his left hand casually on the back of the sofa, legs crossed, the whole person is still leaning on the sofa, posing as a big man.This shows that Chen always thinks that his status is higher than the other party, or that the strength of Chinese football is far higher than Vietnam, so he communicates with the other party in a contemptuous manner, as if the Vietnamese Football Association is here to learn.May I ask, what can Be learned from Chinese football?Where does Chen Xuyuan get his confidence?There is another saying that attitude is everything, especially in sports, if one side is too light on the opponent, the result is not going to be good.Sure enough, shortly after The Chinese women’s football team eliminated the Vietnamese women’s football team, the Chinese men’s football team and the Vietnamese men’s football team played the same score, but we are the loser this time.China lost to Vietnam for the first time in the history of the national football team, but also on such a festive day as the First day of the Chinese New Year, the national football team was eliminated in such a humiliating manner, it is really cold, and I feel sorry for the countless silent support of the fans.Of course, the reasons for China’s loss to Vietnam are complex, and it would be too far-fetched to force a link between Chen’s swaggering attitude and the team’s loss.However, there is no denying that Chen’s behavior is obviously a bit of a loser, at least representative of the attitude of some members of the Chinese football team, who despise Vietnamese football, and combined with the victory of the first leg, I believe most people believe the match is a win.However, there would be no such thing as an upset in football if history alone determined the outcome.The same thing happened after the national team lost. As head of the Chinese Football Association, Chen Xuyuan should have at least made a statement whether the team won or lost, but he kept silent.For all Mr Chen’s professed care about Chinese football and his personal stewardship of the national football team, it now seems that this was all false, and that he was simply worried about the team’s poor results and losing his position.By contrast, the leaders of the Vietnam Football Association, who really care about football, were the first to speak out after the game and encourage the players to keep trying.Bureaucracy has always been a problem in Chinese football. Chen’s actions reflect the reality of the Chinese Football Association. It is impossible to expect such a group to lead Chinese football to make a breakthrough.