7 minutes to lose two goals, China’s two biggest sinner was saved, lost the ball after who pay attention to his reaction

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On February 1st, The Chinese national football Team welcomed the World Preliminary Round of the Top 12 of The Asian Region. Although we lost to The Japanese men’s football team, we had no possibility to appear, but as coach Li Xiaopeng said, they would try their best not to make fans more difficult on the first day of the New Year.But the truth?And on one game, the game, very awesome Li Xiaopeng performance, the performance of the national soccer team players very powerless, also don’t know whether I am 1 arrived in Vietnam when the choose and buy luxury tired myself, after the game started, the team’s let the Vietnam team played like Brazil, and we seem to be absent-minded.The game does not invest will certainly pay the price, the game to the 8th minute, The Vietnamese team scored, the game came to the 15th minute, the Vietnamese team will be on the field score into 2-0, this score let the National football team do not add to the desire basically frustrated.The national football team sent a humiliating score, and the biggest culprit of passivity on the field is who?No doubt it was Wang Shanchao who gave the Japanese men’s soccer team benefits in their last match.In the last game, Wang made the mistake of not tightening his hands when sliding a pass that was not a threat, giving Japan a penalty and putting The Chinese team into a complete dud.The game, Wang Shen despair again, in the defense, Wang Shen super again the low-level mistake, in the defense, Wang Shen super appeared mistakes about football to watch people, let the Vietnam men Hu Jin got easy scoring opportunities, of course, it is the responsibility of the captain Wu Xi “credit”, in Vietnam also boasts the ball, he chose to hide the ball,Compared to luo Guofu before the flying block eye-catching, Wu Xi really should be ashamed.Two games, Wang Shen super casual and two low-level mistakes let into passive Chinese football, and even more embarrassing, after scoring the opponents in their low-level mistakes easily, Wang Shen super face and not a lot of guilt or depression, he is still a face of quiet, quiet let us see the so-called pride and hungry for victory,However, this is also very normal for Wang, after the defeat against Australia, he was laughing and chatting with the opponent, this is a small situation for him, a team does not want to win, players are indifferent to mistakes, such a team can really win?Maybe the Chinese football team really just came here to buy cheap luxuries and play football.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, please contact delete