New Year to grass-roots | Happiness Simura: “agriculture and culture brigade” integration into a new journey

2022-05-31 0 By

Simura means “happy place” in Wa.This multi-ethnic village mainly inhabited by wa people is located in Sanjia Village, Qingshui Township, Tengchong City, Baoshan City, Yunnan Province.In recent years, local efforts have been made to promote the integrated development of agriculture, culture, tourism and rural revitalization.The local modern agricultural development is combined with the construction of tourism landscape. The muddy roads in the village have disappeared. Now the villagers also plant marigolds, rapeseed flowers and passion fruits alternately with the seasons, which not only increases their income, but also further beautify the village environment.In June 2021, Smola completed a colorful paddy field covering an area of about 50 mu, attracting many visitors to punch their time cards.In June 2020, Tengchong Shimora Happy Wa Village Tourism Professional cooperative was established. On the basis of protecting the village style, the cooperative focused on guiding all villagers to participate in the development of rural tourism resources, agricultural and sideline product processing, catering and home stay services and other industries.The simura Wa Folk culture Exhibition hall has been optimized in the exhibition content, exhibition form and exhibition species, incorporating elements such as red tourism and folk customs.Fifteen on-site interpreters and five Chinese village guides have also been trained.Smola adopts the operation and management mode of “Party branch + company + cooperative + peasant household” to create smola’s characteristic agricultural products.Making rice baba has always been a custom in the village. Now more and more tourists come to the village, and the rice baba of Li Fashun’s family has become a popular product.With the integration of “agriculture and culture tourism”, the traditional Wa culture is regaining its vigor and vitality, and the beautiful Simura will be more impressive, palpable, livable and pleasant to visit.Reporter: Wang An Hao Wei editor: Wang Chao voice: Liu Kai (internship) Xinhua News Agency audio and video production