Four unforgettable moments in Wu Dajing’s eyes

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The short-track speed skating competition at the Beijing Winter Olympics came to an end tonight, with China’s gold-medal-chasing short-track team finishing fifth in the men’s 5,000m relay after youngster Sun Long crashed in the race.At this point, The Chinese short track team also ended all their gold projects, 2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze achievement basically completed the task of this Winter Olympics.Veteran Wu Dajing, the leader of the Chinese short track team, reflected on the unforgettable moments of this Winter Olympics.The first moment, of course, was when the Chinese short-track team won the gold medal in the men’s and women’s mixed relay on the night of February 5.Wu Dajing said that the moment let oneself feel proud, the Chinese short track team did not live up to the great trust of the people of the motherland, for the Chinese delegation opened a good start, played a good example.The second unforgettable moment was after Ren Ziwei won the gold medal in men’s 1,000m. Wu dajing said that he had watched Ren ziwei’s efforts and growth in the past few years, and this championship also made him feel happy for Ren Ziwei.The third moment was when The Chinese women’s team won the bronze medal in the women’s 3,000m relay.The fourth moment is fan Kexin kissed the ice scene, Wu Dajing said he really thought Fan Kexin to say goodbye to the ice, did not think she said she was not ready to retire after the ice, showing a veteran.Wu Dajing’s most unforgettable moments are also the classic moments of the Chinese short track team in this Winter Olympic Games, although there are some regrets, the overall satisfaction.Tonight, with the game all over, the 28-year-old wu dajing’s future plans also became the focus of attention of reporters.Interestingly, Wu dajing, like Fan Kexin, does not think it is time to say goodbye. “If I were in the national team, I would still try my best,” he said.If MY country needs me and I can continue to play for my country, I will do my best.And I hope to have more opportunities to represent my country in the future.”At the same time, Wu Dajing also hope that the young players grow up quickly.In today’s men’s 5000m relay, sun Long, who made a mistake, is a 20-year-old young runner in the Chinese short track team. Wu Dajing said that more space and encouragement should be given to the young team members. “He is only 20 years old, I believe he will grow up better.In the future, he will also be 24, 28 years old one day.Now, when a young player makes a mistake, as a team, we embrace it.If something goes wrong, the team takes it together.”In Wu dajing’s view, the team spirit of The Chinese short track team is a kind of inheritance.When the young players of the post-2000 generation start to emerge, Wu dajing is more pleased and look forward to, “I hope they will grow up quickly, we continue to fight together.”Beijing, February 16 (China Youth Daily · China Youth Network reporter Cixin source: China Youth Daily source: China Youth Daily client