Why is chrysanthemum usually used in worship?

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Decades ago, people would bring plastic wreaths, firecrackers, and a variety of paper handicrafts, paper cars, paper villas, dazzling.But with more fires and environmental awareness, plastic wreaths and firecrackers have been replaced by beautiful bouquets of flowers, most often chrysanthemums.So why chrysanthemums?Before we answer that question, we need to answer one question: what kind of chrysanthemum is used for worship?The answer is, it varies.Only a few of the more common species can be listed here: golden spirea, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, Daisy.Their common characteristics are pure color, orderly petals, and simple elegance, which is one reason why they are often used to worship ancestors.The second reason is the long history and high evaluation.Chrysanthemum in China has more than three thousand years of cultivation history, passed down countless moving legends and poems.For example, Tao Yuanming’s “Picking chrysanthemums under the East hedge, leisurely to see the South Mountain”, Huang Chao’s “Soaring incense parade through Chang ‘an, the city with golden armour”, Zheng Sixiao’s “would rather the branches hold incense dead, has ever blown down in the north wind”.Ancient people’s evaluation of chrysanthemum is more positive and favorable, which is also related to the fact that it blooms in autumn and the petals rarely wither after death. In ancient people’s eyes, this is a kind of integrity that is not afraid of severe frost, and is a quality worth praising.And modern people use this expression to respect and affirm the character of ancestors.The third reason is accessibility.Chrysanthemum growth is vigorous, some varieties of chrysanthemum a plant can produce thousands of buds, to meet the needs of many guests.Some other varieties of chrysanthemum branches soft, can make chrysanthemum tower, chrysanthemum ball and other ornamental modeling, suitable for use in large-scale worship occasions, because of high output, the price will be relatively cheap.And our country still retains the universal festival of ancestor worship only remaining tomb-sweeping day, hungry Ghost festival, double Ninth Festival these three major festivals.The Hungry Ghost Festival and the Double Ninth Festival are in the summer and autumn season, most flowers have withered, only quietly elegant chrysanthemum appeared in everyone’s eyes, and, some varieties of chrysanthemum can also open in spring.Because of these excellent qualities, chrysanthemum has become the most common sacrificial flower. The yellow and white flowers decorate solemn tombs and convey people’s grief.The language of yellow chrysanthemum is light love.White chrysanthemum flower language is mourning wan, mourning.