Tripartite commission? Really tripartite?What was removed from the list after the collapse of the Sino-European medical mix

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Hello, ^-^ I am the “tao” that can let you know more about finance!Solemnly declare: this article is not advertising, not any interest relationship, not investment advice, only represents my personal opinion to share.The recent medical fund “slump”, really also stimulated many friends.I have been talking with my colleagues these days, and the holding of China-Europe medical mix A has also dropped A lot. Fortunately, the existing positions are very small (just for fun).Laughing, still laughing at himself, escaped kun Kun (has been clear), but eventually fell at the feet of the Goddess Of Grenn.In fact, there is nothing, medical withdrawal is normal, almost everyone has this prediction.Want to know, from the point of view of nearly 1 year data, this fund product of central Europe has reached nearly 40%.However, over the past three and five years, the yield has been 138%+ and 182%+…., respectivelyIn the medium to long term, it is better than the industry average.Now, it may only be thirty years.Not to deceive everyone, the personal forecast will fall (not exclude the possibility of a larger), but still can not help but fill a little position (watching the fun is not too big)…In the heart to comfort themselves, it is good medical treatment of the medium and long term.Cough, of course, today is not to talk about the fund products, nor to recommend everyone to learn from my hand itch.It was a story about Grenn and Alipay, and it jumped right in front of me.First, some media broke the news that “Gulen’s fund is suspected to have been delisted from the sales list of Alipay Golden Week”.As the once admired object, today has this situation, is really unexpected.Ant Fortune also has some answers.The general idea is that this “weekly sales ranking” is the objective data that the investor that is dimension weekly applies to buy.Investors have recently started to allocate more to solid fixed income and fixed income + products.This change is normal.Out of curiosity, also managed to look under, indeed from the sales list disappeared…However, according to ant Fortune’s “A/C of Mixed Medical and health services between China and Europe”, alipay is still the best choice at this stage.Last week it seemed to be the “number one seller of the week”.But even when things turn around, it’s weird to be gone.As a result, I went to read some media reports and looked at data from several other platforms.The story is similar to many media reports, but there are also differences.For example, on the one hand it is true that the fund has indeed disappeared from several lists of The Alipay Gold list, on the other hand, the entry of the original gold list is also suspected to be “hidden” (if you need to pay respect to it, you might as well search the “Gold list”, maybe you can check).* By the way, male god Kun Kun is still on the list…Although the fall is also very miserable.But read the media said that the remaining several large fund sales platform sales ranking, with media reports that there is a significant deviation.Now a few large tripartite platform, can search, see the weekly sales ranking, there is really no this fund.The strange thing is that those platforms originally ranked the entry of many sales, some platforms have also taken the means to hide.Coincidence or not, I don’t know.The status quo is such a status quo.Second, for me, whether ant Wealth has carried out this operation is not the key.No one can determine this without proof.But the magic problem is that the “independence” of the three-party commission platform for fund sales has been questioned, which makes people very sad.For example, the “sales list” can display sales data directly for the platform.As a result, can there be “evidence” to be questioned by the media to “manipulate” the list?!If you pay attention to some of the comments in the news, you will get a lot of fun.* The most interesting parts are in the comments.Public opinion on the basic side of the inverted, are in DISS ant wealth.For example: pay treasure gold to choose is magic spell, who buy who fall.Another example: to tell you a joke, Alipay jin Selected…Pay treasure gold choose = pay treasure disorderly choose…And so on here exposed a core point, a lot of friends for the tripartite platform is very angry.Even doubt, these tripartite platforms are really for your financial management, or to let you buy financial management.Stand my point of view, very cruel reality is, many “SAO operation” is to let you buy financial management and design (specific follow-up launch chat).For most ordinary investors, the essence of buying funds is to save worry.Fund products have retreated (down)…You said Diss under the fund products, fund managers, can understand…But you tripartite consignment platform was scolded, this should not, clearly trust your “recommendation”, the results of investors adopted.Worth reflecting on.These tripartite platforms, theoretically should be a cast gu role, however cast gu seems to have not done a good “cast gu” thing.Also did some “blind recommendation”….Turn a head to say, before big V people fervent, leng is to buy fund to do with fry about….These are all similar properties.All right, now we’re done.Unfortunately, big V status quo, in the short term the possibility of opening is not big.Three, insert a mouth, the deposit part.It was a similar scene back then.Some third-party platforms control the entry point of traffic, and users see different products.You don’t dictate what products you can buy, it’s all about big data.Than this kind of fund product now, serious much!Although the state repeatedly does not allow such operations, but unfortunately there are still many platforms based on the interests of the choice of “risk”.Fortunately, deposit products are relatively simple and not easily misleading.The next area of confusion, however, is the “wealth management products” that many banks sell on commission.On the one hand, the “black box” property of the product itself.On the other hand, it is driven by the sales interests of commission sales platform.Activity + product “packaging” drive, it is very easy to deceive your eyes.The most typical example is the current plus+ product of a bank before.This topic, a follow-up discussion, is less cumbersome.Fourth, the last word, have the intention to capture the bottom of Grenn, and be prepared to fight for a long time ~ less than half a year, should not be out.So, in the long run, it is recommended to consider category A…How much can also save some poundage ~