The plot setting mode of romance novels

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Romance novels, as the name implies, are about the love stories of the heroes and heroines.The goal is for two people who love each other to eventually come together and tie the knot.So all the storylines should revolve around that goal.The encounter of two people, perhaps is a kind of chance, perhaps is a kind of fate, perhaps is a kind of inevitable.Maybe they were invited to a party by a friend, and the two met and liked each other, so they left their contact information and started a long love journey.May be accidentally met in the street, as a result of a trifling friction, do not hit do not know.Then meet again and again, the contradiction is deeper and deeper, and then a section of evil fate.Two people may just pass by, accidentally collide together, bent over to pick up things, four eyes relative, so wipe out the spark of love.It may be originated from blind date, through the introduction of family or friends together, from the original mutual dislike, to gradually understand, and finally decided to be together.No matter what the reason, two people can meet, is the arrangement of God, is a kind of fate, which also means the beginning of a love story.They must have had many sweet moments during their relationship. They were inseparable and spent almost every day together.Eat together, hang out together, go shopping together, play games together, watch TV together, watch shows together.Walk in the street, hand in hand, body close, scattered dog food everywhere, give way from time to time to cast envious eyes, even can produce envy hate.However, it will not be easy for two people to get together.In the course of a relationship, there can be many trials and tribulations.For example, the opposition of both sides of the family, the obstruction of friends, the interference of boudoir, even two people because of some life trivia, or personality, and make repeatedly break up, these are inevitable.They often have cold days, too.May be angry because of a small thing, or because one party forgot the important anniversary of two people and let the other party angry, so there are contradictions and conflicts, sometimes there will be a cold war, sometimes will leave without saying goodbye, sometimes will fight, two people also go each way, line with strangers.Although two people leave temporarily, but affection is still in, an accidental opportunity, two people meet afresh, each other had the communication of the look in the eyes, the dribs and drabs of the past emerge again before the eyes, then two people let go of past grudges, went afresh together.Or after two people separate, one party was immersed in meditation, want to think about it, or feel that they cannot leave each other, the shadow of the other party always appears in front of them, so after calm thinking, take the initiative to find the other party, show weakness and beg for mercy, finally get the understanding of the other party, two people embrace together again.Or one person suddenly falls ill, and the other person watches over him every day, accompanying him to overcome the disease. Finally, the patient recovers, and the relationship between the two people heats up rapidly.Of course, it is also possible for the disease to deteriorate and eventually one person dies, leaving the other deeply grieved and missed.No matter what kind of plot is set, it is to make the love process of the hero and heroine not so calm, there will be separation, there will be twists and turns, there will be waves, because only by breaking up two people, can create tension and frustration.Only let two people have experienced countless tribulations, in order to let the feelings of two people stand all kinds of tests, finally get sublimation.So try to find a way for something to happen in the middle of the story to keep the two apart.When crafting your story, think about how many ways you can block your hero and heroine’s desire to be together.Only in this way can readers have a strong sense of experience and identity.The so-called together, refers to two people together forever, not temporarily.The ending of a love story between two people is either forever together, which is a kind of comedy ending;Or it is forever separation, one side leaves or dies, the other side regrets for life, produce forever regret.Sometimes regret is also a kind of beauty, although the two people did not end up together, but we can see the depth of their feelings, feelings of the pure.Although the goal of a love novel is to set up a couple, apart from describing their happy time together, the separation and separation of two people are also very important. It is because of this separation and separation that there will be the pain of missing, the tired of missing, and it is more valuable and deep love.Effective restrictions are often the most romantic option.For two lovers who want to finally get together, the longer they are forced to spend apart, the sweeter the romantic ending will be.This is why they are frustrated and often separated.It’s easy to fall into a rut when writing romance novels, so make an effort to add something new.When introducing a character’s background, insert some original content to give the character unique dark secrets.Everyone has some selfish heart, in order to achieve the goal will use all means, so in the process of love, will use some small means.But these little tricks don’t feel annoying, they feel cute and funny.It’s these little tricks that make the process of falling in love more interesting, rather than dull.Writing a love story should not only use the traditional story routines and templates, but also innovate on the basis of the traditional love story, adding some interesting scenes and innovative elements, so that the love story will be more beautiful.