Love is the highest form of cooperation, the highest path to achievement

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Uncle: Hello!I have always been a loyal fan of you, and I benefit a lot from your views!Now I have encountered a very confused work problem, I hope to get your advice!I am 35 years old, and I was employed as a logistics manager in a listed company a year ago. I just became a regular employee, and my salary is very low, only 4000 yuan after deducting five insurances and one housing fund. The working place is very far, and it takes me 40 minutes to drive to work without traffic jam.A month real take-home pay more than 2000 yuan!Things in the company are very complicated, and interpersonal relationships are complicated. It is really a shame that the salary of middle-aged people is only so small.I have also tried to interview many other companies. Either it takes three months to six months to buy five insurances and one housing fund, but there are few companies that buy one housing fund. My current company buys five insurances and one housing fund as soon as I join the company.At present, there is a four-star hotel near my home that needs the positions of warehouse keeper and cashier to contact me. The salary is also very low, only 3000 yuan, and five insurance deducting. Fortunately, it is close to home, so I don’t know whether to quit the position of logistics manager and choose the job close to home.I now really good confused ah, middle-aged, monumental exploits, and mortgage, 40 w second-tier provincial capital revenue in 7788 with the husband, every year there are about 20 can balance at present, also thought that simply don’t work well, save point also hungry undead, but unwilling to think oneself also is only 35 years old lying flat, the pressure was thrown to the husband also feel sorry.Both jobs are coming to an end this month. Should I stay as a low-paid logistics manager far from home, work closer to home as a low-paid hotel cashier, or just lay down?Really so confused!Please enlighten me, wise uncle Lian!Thank you very much!A confused person A confused person: What is there to be ashamed of?Not only should you not be ashamed, but you should be proud of the fact that you’ve done everything you’ve been asked to do, which means you’ve done it with fewer resources.Some people’s salary is 10 times as much as yours, but they are afraid of wolves before, tigers after, dare not fall in love, dare not get married, dare not have children, regardless of old, regardless of young, such people who dare not love life, should be ashamed.Your two jobs are a tough choice.But you have a choice. You have a family.This allows you to make choices from a family perspective beyond your personal limitations.Love is not only embodied in valentine’s Day gifts, Western Valentine’s Day, Chinese Valentine’s Day, both valentine’s Day, is not enough to show love.Love is when you at least double your strength.Love is two people the most tacit, the most efficient, life and death cooperation, is the highest form of cooperation, just like in the battlefield two people fight back to back, 360 degrees without dead Angle, each need not worry about their own blind area, but fight alone, always afraid of their rear will be attacked, a person has to turn around, then can also turn dizzy.Your salary is not high, but the annual income of the family is high, it seems that the husband who is back to back works well, you choose to solve the things behind him.So you choose a job that focuses not on income, but on how best to take care of your family.In this case, you might be better off working closer to home and taking care of your family, but with a lower salary.I suggest you keep your job. It’s good for social contact.Besides, there are endless possibilities for the future, and there is always an opportunity for progress for a conscientious person. As long as you work, you keep that opportunity.But it’s not about competing with your husband. You have a job, AND I have a job. You earn more, and I earn as much as I do.Love can not jump out of competition, even to doubt and opposition, pillow will become enemies, love is certain to die.Love is meant to be cooperation, doing what you are good at, complementing each other’s weaknesses, so that both of you are perfect.Do not be afraid of their ordinary, ordinary people, as long as love, as long as love received, as long as the establishment of a family with love, assume all the responsibilities of love, so, he is no longer ordinary.I wish happy.