Five sentimental poems in the year of Ren Yin, Zhejiang Wenling Jin Hua Jun

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One year of King Jinhua is late in thinking about the past, the strong wind singing cold songs.New crown mo day xingjian, tihu Shengwei Yunling too.Two wild dancing snow knife fly, rustle who closed door.I since the horizontal knife stand, the disease also dare to regenerate non?Three yingchun saw her busy, but the pig head worship.I don’t wish only for one person. I wish you all the best.Four good night suddenly feel, why does the dream ask?Firecracker glass quiver, god of misery hunger tour.Enjoy the three sacrifices, four seasons pray hard.Don’t believe evil rampant, longxiang tiger step spring.Five south township son of ren Yin years today at long, section near the plum blossom face is still ashamed.The wind is cold and unpredictable.Shake your head, why masks cover the earth.Cow to tiger squat hill, a loud spring thunder all over the world.The world look back who more envy.China, the Great Wall of anti-epidemic police force.Jinyun stone village baizhang rock head waterfall male, dragon walk two streams pass.Zhu and build a hundred years of house, the room is still hidden wanzhang song.Never say there are blocks in a room.Dust has been separated in the mountains, a homesickness.Grab power lines stand towering clouds around the mountains, blackout light loss.The cold wind teacher invited, moved the sky old tears cross.Hope the day cold wind muddy road, water thin mountain withered wax Lin.Fortunately, half a branch of plum blossoms, suspected red sun dew heart.Guiguchi Qunfeng see me rushing before attendance, let out a road lead you.Too narrow how to accommodate hundreds of guests, hand pushed mountains on both sides of the points.Warm winter evening ice insoles, zhuo zhuo feet boil soup ziqi rise.Last night surprised to the wilderness, guess from the dream or cold bear.