Douyu Qiaomei has decided to jump ship, and her debut performance on the new platform on February 12 has obtained the rights to live dance

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At the end of last month, Qiaomei, a female dance anchor of Douyu, revealed in her last live broadcast that her contract had expired and she might leave douyu for a new live streaming platform.It is well known that Qiao mei and her ex-husband “little cool guy” during their divorce proceedings, but also a very live effect of the collaboration.Such a move made many netizens think that the two seem to be a sign of reconciliation, after all, is still in the divorce of the couple can have such a happy play is difficult to understand.But Qiao mei denied the claim, she clarified on her weibo that she will not be with the little cool boy compound, will not do the script to quit the network, and will not live with them again.As for where qiao-mei will go to live when the contract expires, first of all, she denied huya and said she would never go to Huya.One of the reasons must be we also know that the ex-husband small cool brother in tiger teeth live outdoors, qiao younger sister if the past started this is not a “husband and wife file” combination.And Qiaomei also made a decision, in order to do a good example for children, so she will change the live style transformation, will not carry out some “whole work” live content.But just in time for the Spring Festival, qiao seems to have made her choice. She will be airing on the short video platform, and she has obtained live streaming rights from dance hosts.It seems that Qiao-mei will continue to compete in the short video with the content of “old business”. As netizens said, if she did not dance, it is estimated that few people would watch her live broadcast.As many of Qiao-mei’s fans may have noticed, she was already making short videos before the deadline and has a professional team behind the scenes.At present, Qiaomei has conducted a pilot in the short video platform, and her official debut time has been confirmed, she will be officially live on February 12, so qiaomei will be a female dance anchor identity into the short video platform.The singer’s birthday is February 12, and it looks like she wants to make her debut on that date.However, the approval standards of dance anchors on short video platforms are relatively strict, so it seems that it will be difficult to see qiao-mei’s natural dance live in the future.For more exciting content, follow us at Fan-Bang Entertainment