6. Highway conditions: many expressways have varying degrees of slow down

2022-05-30 0 By

February 6, the Great Wall net · JiYun client dispatch (reporter Guo Hongjie) from hebei high-speed traffic police corps command center, as of 17 when 20 points, 6, 5 minutes each highway traffic flow in hebei province: big wide high-speed hengshui north entrance into Beijing 395 cars, big mouth wide high-speed Mao states into 305, Beijing Hong Kong and Macao high-speed xingtai north mouth into Beijing 320;Other high-speed cars are below 300.Affected by security checks in Beijing, Beijing-Cheng, Beijing-Taiwan, Guangzhou-Guangzhou, Beijing-Kunming, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao, Beijing-Harbin, Beijing-Tibet expressways have a 3-4km delay in the Beijing-Hebei boundary;Under the influence of heavy traffic flow, the ningjin section of Qingzhou-Yinchuan Expressway, the Gu ‘an section of Capital Ring Road, the Gaoyi section of Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway, the Hengshui section of Da-Guang Expressway and the Qingxian section of Beijing-Shanghai Expressway were all slowed to varying degrees. Temporary traffic restriction measures were taken at the rear of the above slowed sections.Other highways in the province are normal.