Will immigration be relaxed in 2022?Official response!

2022-05-29 0 By

The National Immigration Administration (NBS) held a press conference on Jan 27 to report on major data and results of immigration management in 2021.COVID – 19 outbreak, to protect the Chinese and foreign personnel life safety and health, national immigration agency under the State Council in accordance with the unified deployment zone spreading mechanism, according to the needs of the epidemic prevention and control and the common practices, the implementation of the tight entry policy strictly, advocating Chinese citizens not urgent need not to leave the country, and according to the epidemic situation changes for scientific dynamic adjustment,Efforts should be made to prevent the spread of the epidemic through entry-exit channels.For some people reflect it is difficult to apply for a passport and other travel documents, foreigners coming to China to still have a lot of restrictions, in 2022 China’s immigration policy adjustments will relax, director-general of the department of the state administration of immigration spokesman, policies and regulations, kit, work, the state administration of immigration requirements management institutions at all levels, analyzing the specific issuesIn implementing policies, we should not adopt a one-size-fits-all approach and avoid simplifying policies.At present, immigration authorities will issue exit and entry certificates to those who need to go abroad for study, employment or business, those who need to come to China for economic, trade, scientific and technological activities, and those who need to come to China for urgent humanitarian reasons after verification.In addition, the reporter understands, especially to attend international epidemic disease resistance and because companies to return to work and production need to exit and entry of Chinese citizens, immigration management institutions at all levels will also offer to accept the examination and approval as well as the urgent priority registration services, at the same time, continue to deal with visa and stop for foreigners in China in accordance with the residence to provide convenient, take concrete actions to support the global epidemic disease resistance, help restore economic production.”At present, as the epidemic continues to spread overseas and new mutated strains are spreading at an accelerated pace, China is still facing a severe situation in preventing imported cases.The National Immigration Administration once again reminds us to cherish the hard-won epidemic prevention and control achievements at home, strictly abide by the epidemic prevention regulations, and reduce the non-urgent and non-essential cross-border movement of people.”Chen Jie said.Source: People’s Daily Online