Where is he buried after he dies?Song Meiling old age came to his tomb, say buried heart words for many years

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In her later years, Song Meiling settled down in the United States, living with the younger generations of the Kong family. She was the oldest member of the Jiang Kong Song family, and her contemporaries and juniors were all ahead of her.Chiang Kai-shek’s last wish was that Soong Meiling could be buried with him, and he died early in Taiwan.Song Meiling refused to stay in Taiwan when she was alive, nor after her death. She was tied to Taiwan, but her heart was never there. Therefore, she did not fulfill her late husband’s will, but went to the United States to see the cemetery.Eastern face western heart 100 years old that year, Song Meiling bought a tomb to him, after preparing death, he is buried with Song family — Song Jiajie Song Ming ling and Kong Lingwei, the niece that Song Meiling loves most, was buried in the United States after death, the body of eldest brother Song Ziwen also was buried in Los Angeles.Song Meiling sat in a wheelchair and looked at the gravestone in a trance for a while. Then she suddenly said, “Why do we Song people have to be buried in this foreign land after we die?”Soong Meiling thought of the Soong mausoleum in Shanghai, home to her ancestors, her parents and her second sister, Soong Ching Ling.She should have been buried there, but she and Soong Ching Ling had chosen two different directions of life because of their political differences.Looking at the tombstone, Song Meiling couldn’t help but feel sad and whispered, “Ling Yi, I hate politics. I was too attached to politics when I was young, but I have my own country. Why should I stay here forever?”Kong lingyi stood behind her, also very sad to hear the words, Song Meiling calmed down, Kong pushed her away.When war raged and the people were starving, she spent all night at the Chiang palace playing mah-jongg and hosting parties with many other ladies.Outside it was snowing, but inside the Chiang Palace the lights were blazing, and the laughter of his wives resounded like silver bells.Song Meiling, who had been sitting on gold and silver mountains all her life, lamented at her grave until her old age. What could she do to retain her?Her father, Song Jiashu, earned a degree in theology in the United States and returned to Shanghai as a missionary, setting up a printing and flour factory and becoming one of the city’s earliest comprador.In the girls’ school that Soong Mei-ling attended, even the textbooks were printed in the United States and shipped to China.In 1908, song Meiling was only 10 years old when he sent his daughters to the United States to study at his own expense, relying on abundant financial resources.At that time, it was impossible to go abroad to study. Even if they could study abroad, most of them were poor students, and it was rare for song Meiling to study abroad by her family.Soong Mei-ling soon integrated into the Local United States, every month the Song family would come to a large sum of living expenses, so that Soong Mei-ling can spend a carefree teenage years in the United States.A person’s family background determines what kind of education he receives, and the education he receives determines what kind of character and thoughts he develops. A person’s clothes and clothes can be changed at any time, but family background, education and character are accompanied by a lifetime.In the American campus, Soong Mei-ling was influenced by western culture, thoroughly integrated into the American society, and became a spiritual American. Even later, she said more than once: “I belong to the East only with my face.”Even native American girls may not be richer than Song Meiling, the school may not be better than Song Meiling, on this point, Song Meiling’s “value” doubled, she simply plated a layer of gold.This made her a favourite among Shanghai’s elite when she returned to the city.But before that, Song jiashu had to hire a Chinese teacher to make up for Her.Shanghai at this time, Song Ailing has married into the wealthy hole home, Soong Ching Ling also regardless of home opposition, resolutely eloped with Sun Yat-sen.Song Meiling actively active in the social activities of the upper class, in and out of a variety of high-end restaurants and dance halls.In 1922, Song Meiling and Chiang Kai-shek first met, Chiang Kai-shek at this time, although there is no future all-powerful scenery, but also momentum is strong, Chiang Kai-shek has a good impression of Song Meiling.But Chiang was too much of a womanizer, just as he said of himself: lecherous.Chiang Kai-shek often went to the brothel to drink flower wine. Although he admitted that he was lecherous, he could not help but find excuses for himself. He felt lecherous was human nature, and when he encountered difficulties in career and work, he had to find solace in spirit.Although this was a comfortable plea, the Soong family held him in contempt. Chiang kai-shek was not a Christian, had a troubled love history, and had a son.Song Meiling stayed in the United States during and later nanjing mayor Liu Jiwen engaged, then broke off the engagement, Liu Jiwen had asked song Meiling broke up with his reasons for marrying Chiang Kai-shek, also failed.None was more damning than Ailing Soong, who, convinced that Chiang was destined to occupy a significant position in the military and political circles, tried to facilitate her sister’s marriage to Chiang.But with song Meiling strong temper, life is impossible to be manipulated, so this is not without song Meiling himself acquiescence.Song Meiling has always been competitive, she felt that her husband in the future must not be worse than two brother-in-law, Liu Jiwen is good, when the male companion is more than enough, but as a lifelong trust or poor on a cut.There is a little ineffable hero complex in The heart of Song Meiling, Liu Jiwen apparently cannot achieve song Meiling’s mate requirements.In April 1927, Chiang Kai-shek launched the April 12 coup d ‘etat, betraying the revolution and killing communists and revolutionary masses.Seven months later, still bleeding from the revolution, Chiang kai-shek held a multimillion-dollar wedding of the century at the Grand Hotel in Shanghai.Soong Meiling dressed in a wedding dress, white bouquet in hand, holding the arm of the executioner, and walked into marriage.Jiang Jieshi changes letter Christ, divorce with MAO Fumei, cheat lover Chen Jie to be like, get one’s wish finally.A brutal backstabbing counter-revolution was not enough for Soong Mei-ling to realize the true face of Chiang Kai-shek, who was polite and accommodating in her presence?She knew, but she didn’t care much, and shabby blood didn’t matter so long as it didn’t get dirty in her train.The marriage gave Chiang multiple identities. He was no longer a plain, grass-roots warlord. He became the brother-in-law of Sun Yat-sen and Kong Xiangxi, and the brother-in-law of the great banker, Soong Tsong-wen.Since then, the three families of Jiang Kong and Song formed a political, military and economic alliance.The kong Song family, which monopolized all parties, provided Chiang with strong financial and economic support.Accordingly, Chiang Kai-shek also used the power in his hands to provide An opportunity for Song Mei-ling to appear on the domestic and even international political stage, which was an ultimate enjoyment for Song Mei-ling who loved power like life.In the years after their marriage, Chiang kai-shek’s enemies turned from old and new warlords to The Japanese and then to the Communists, and Soong Mei-ling was always at his side.In 1932, Chiang kai-shek kong xiangxi are sent to Europe, after come back kong xiangxi tell Chiang kai-shek, the Japanese navy is a big threat to China, and China want to match the gap in short time, the basic impossible, only by increasing investment to develop air force, winning during fighting in the future if can pre-empt the air rights, effect will be welcome.Chiang Kai-shek thinks deeply like that, but if the air force is formed, this core arms resources must be mastered in his hands, Chiang Kai-shek after thinking, actually gave this task to the Song Meiling who has never held any military posts.I don’t know what Chiang kai-shek was thinking, but Soong Mei-ling gladly accepted the task and turned it into a mess.As the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression approached, Song Meiling appealed to all parties to donate money for the development of the Air Force. She launched a campaign of “One county, one aircraft”. The people responded with great enthusiasm, and each county was required to donate money for at least one aircraft.In the end, however, She brought back only 300 planes.What about the remaining funds?All by Song Meiling in the Bank of America private account, this huge amount of donations are very considerable interest, song Meiling want to eat is these interest.In the face of doubts, Song Meiling explained: all the money to buy the aircraft, but also to spend money and time to maintain the maintenance, in the future if the fighter upgrades, where there is money to buy a new aircraft, put in the bank can also make profits.At first it sounds very reasonable, if the money is not song Meiling’s private account, the people may believe, Song Meiling seems far-reaching vision, in fact, everywhere for their profits, now the battlefield situation is very critical, she said how far water can save the near fire?In 1937, a shot rang out at Marco Polo Bridge, marking the beginning of China’s War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression.Even during the Anti-Japanese War, the hardships of the war were not enough to make Song Meiling condescend to give up her aristocratic privileges and lower her standard of living.Song Meiling loves cheongsam, and there is a professional tailor who designs and makes cheongsam for her. The tailor is Zhang Ruixiang, who works for Song Meiling for a long time.Song Meiling’s love for cheongsam has been nearly obsessed, so Zhang Ruixiang every two or three days to design and produce a “new” to Madame Chiang.Zhang ruixiang’s workload is huge, every day is busy making new cheongsam for Song Meiling, the basic year only New Year’s eve can take a day off.However, Xin worked hard to make so many cheongsams, and Song Meiling would not wear all of them. Most of the time, she would just take a look at them and order them to be put in the closet. Song Meiling would never wear the cheongsams in her life.In 1942, When Song Meiling visited the United States, she also took Zhang Ruixiang with her.At the beginning of the War of Resistance against Japan, China was isolated without any Allies and western countries watched from the sidelines.It was not until the Pearl Harbor incident in December 1942, when the United States was at a disadvantage in the Pacific and desperately needed China’s power to contain Japan, that the situation finally changed.By this time, Soong Mei-ling had become Chiang kai-shek’s spokesperson for foreign affairs, seeking support from the world, especially the United States, through newspapers, magazines, broadcasts and meetings with foreign journalists.Song Meiling once invited a female reporter of The American “Time Weekly” to have dinner at the Western restaurant in Chongqing. Song Meiling took out a cigarette and asked the reporter whether she smoked. The reporter shook her head and said that there was a “no smoking” sign on the wall.Soong Mei-ling lit a cigarette and puffed, understating, “Those slogans are for the common people.”By implication, she has separated herself from the people.Soong Mei-ling had a wide network of contacts in American politics, church and media, so her propaganda work to the United States carried out like a duck to water. When Roosevelt and his wife came to China, they also maintained close relations with Soong Mei-ling.A Trip to the United States In November 1942, Soong Mei-ling visited the United States and was warmly welcomed by President Roosevelt and his wife. The Roosevelts invited Soong Mei-ling to visit their hometown. American magazines also published articles advocating “Sino-American friendship” to promote soong Mei-ling’s visit to the United States.Soong spent three months in a nursing home as soon as she stepped off the plane, and then spent the better part of a year in the United States.On February 17, 1943, Soong Meiling arrived in Washington, D.C., from New York. Roosevelt and his wife came to welcome her, accompanied by her nephew and niece Kong Lingkan and Kong Lingwei.To the shock of the White House staff, dozens of cars in the motorcade were filled with soong mei-ling’s belongings, including dozens of large boxes of clothes.They felt as if Song Meiling had come not to visit but to move.To make them frustrated in the back, After Song Meiling moved into the White House, the sheets to be changed every day, delivered Chinese food does not touch a bite, only eat western food, Song Meiling needs service, always at will clap his hands, called a dog like beckoning staff to come.However, americans who believed in equality and freedom did not like this. They felt they were “despised” and even refused to serve Soong Mei-ling.The manager fought like a dog, placating a wave of strikers every day.White House staff recall Soong Mei-ling, the impression is not good: “all talk about democracy, but do not know how to reflect democracy in life, the entire White House, except the speaker of the Parliament, all of us are in her eyes can be called objects.”The White House was disillusioned. The real Soong Mei-ling wore a cheongsam and spoke English, but she was both hairy and difficult to handle, far from the elegant and approachable image created in magazines.It’s a good thing she only stayed 11 days.Soong mei-ling speech tour in the United States, on February 18, soong mei-ling podium on the congress of the United States and the 20 minutes of speech, in order to reduce the distance themselves with American, soong mei-ling no generous with their pro-american attitude, her deep tunnel: “when I was a little girl, I came here, I live with you.”The audience thundered with applause, and both the Ruling and opposition parties of the United States were overwhelmed. Song Meiling walked out proudly surrounded by the masses, to receive the cheers and flowers from the American people.One evening, The Roosevelts invited Soong Mei-ling to dinner. Discussing the recent miners’ strike in the United States, Roosevelt casually asked Soong Mei-ling, “How would the Chinese government solve this problem?”Soong Mei-ling smiled and said nothing, raising her hand briefly to her neck and making a gesture that made the Roosevelts shudder.Roosevelt later asked His wife Eleanor, who had always taken pity on Soong, “Do you still think Soong is a sweet and amiable person?”Compared with Eleanor, who was keen on human rights, women’s rights, strikes and other social issues, Soong Mei-ling was more concerned with her own power, status, and how to maintain the status of the Chiang Family, the Song family and everything closely related to her.Think of the tragic April 12 coup d ‘etat, and a few months later the grand Chiang Song wedding, have to sigh, Chiang Kai-shek and Song Meiling when really fellow travelers.The most beautiful rose erected a vicious thorn, delicate skin is a selfish cool thin heart.During song Meiling’s visit to the United States, she spent her money while soliciting sponsorship. When she was in poor health, she went to the best hospital in the United States, while when she was in good health, she went to the best shopping mall in the United States.Roosevelt’s son once said that when Soong Mei-ling lived in the United States, she alone spent $1 million on shopping.Song Meiling paid attention to material comforts, wearing gold and silver in the United States, extremely extravagant, but the Chinese side of the people are still poor, do not have the money to fight against Japan.Silk sheets remain an argument for Ms. Soong’s extravagance, though some say she was sickly, particularly with hives and shingles, and allergic to cotton, and silk was made in China, not a rarity there.So far, no decision has been made.The purpose of Song Meiling’s visit to the United States was to win aid from the United States. She knew what the United States wanted to see, so she tried her best to cater to them and show what they wanted to see.If the Chinese representative to the United States had been a man, it might not have achieved this effect, but the delicate and weak Song Meiling came.The image of a woman with delicate and elegant appearance, running for her country, naturally won the favor of American politicians and the public.Even the first couple can’t help but fall in love.However, soong Mei-ling’s performance is a kind of false prosperity, which makes it impossible for westerners to know what kind of situation Chinese people are in.When the west sent away the elegant Madame Chiang kai-shek, and truly experienced the depth of the Chinese people’s war of Resistance, the sense of difference between heaven and earth was astounding.It is true that Song Meiling is not the epitome of the three major families of Jiang Kong and Song dynasty and even the Kuomintang in that era. Her performance also proves that a delicate egoist who cannot empathize with the people cannot truly master the sovereignty of a country and win the respect of the people.Wind candle in his later years lamented the young not equal to idea, it is a lot of the old man would do that culminate in their own fate, perhaps from many years ago was destined to have song meiling old age in the grave that lament.Yet given the chance to do it all over again, Soong Mei-ling would have married Chiang Kai-shek and pursued political power, as she was.Source: Song Meiling Documentary: Century Song Meiling (2003) huang Qianru: Madame Chiang’s Visit to America