This is how they spend New Year’s Eve

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January 30 to 31, Weng ‘an county suffered from snow and ice freezing disaster, the relevant departments immediately act, stick to their posts, to ensure that the county people have a safe and peaceful Spring Festival.Affected by the weather, weng ‘an county area in part of the 10 kv line failure led to power outage.The Duyun Weng ‘an Power Supply Bureau of China Southern Power Grid immediately launched a class III emergency response to the low-temperature rain, snow and freezing disaster, and organized more than 120 people to rush to each fault site to rescue and restore power.On the same day, Weng ‘an county in different degrees of highway freezing.In order to ensure people’s convenient travel and safe return home.On the same day, New Year’s eve in guizhou province transportation comprehensive administrative law enforcement eight teams of three groups of law enforcement team still stick to jobs, in their “snow” for the order, to meet the “snow”, immediately start the antiskid bao chang emergency plan, personnel cancel leave, back to duty, assembled highway emergency power, integration of bao chang, fighting in the first line of snow removal chang bao,Be the protector of the crew’s safe return.Source: Weng ‘an Rong media center correspondent: Xi Kun Hu Shigang first instance: Huang Ying second instance: Ran Tingting Li Jiao Tong third instance: Li Yongchun supervisor: Wang Fugang