Room of shandong rushan seascape, every square metre is less than 2000 yuan, what pit is so cheap?

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Here is shandong rushan mountain is famous for the sea view room, because the pleasant environment with low price, to attract more than 10, ten thousand people in the purchase, but on the other side is facing huge amount property unoccupied, the scene of a village inside empty, in the case of online selling cheap, secondhand the room web site to sell houses now less than 2000 yuan, is one over ten of the hainan,Guangxi Beihai 1/2, also as seascape room how rushan house prices have not risen?Let’s find out today.First of all, if you want to buy a seascape house, you are advised to rent it for a few months to feel whether it is suitable for you to live in, and then decide whether to buy a house here. Because it is difficult to sell the house here after buying it, many owners have sold the house in the intermediary for 5 or 6 years.Silver Beach real estate began to rise in 2003, the local beach is high-quality quartz sand, sand as white as silver, has always been the east of Hawaii, the best beach in the world.Along with its 21 kilometers of coastline, Silver Beach is an excellent resource for the development of beachfront housing.Hundreds of developers developed more than 100 beachfront developments in silver Beach in just a few years.However, the population of rushan city is only more than 400,000, with the current words is the volume is already very serious, so later Weihai advertising to do all over the country, there are so far familiar shandong Weihai free tour group.From 2005, as long as you go shopping in the city above the second line in the country, you must have seen this advertisement, saying that as long as 99 yuan, you can come to Weihai to play for three or five days, during the eating and living package, there are gifts to take.It has attracted many middle-aged and elderly people to look at the house.In the rush hour, hundreds of buses take customers from all over the country to the sales department in Silver Beach a day. As the housing price in Silver Beach is almost a fraction of that in the first and second tier cities, it is also very easy to sell.Plus some developers will have to arrange the room in the home buyers, such as his former a had just bought a here, did not think of a price increase soon, now again to choose a set of give children live, and will teach you to buy a house here to avoid what kind of pit, choose what kind of house, under the developers to build the atmosphere, most of them was in a hurry and go home to raise money.A sentence as the saying goes, standing on the tuyere, pigs can fly, in the years of the outbreak of real estate blowout, silver beach house prices only took less than three years, is from a few hundred yuan per square meter rapidly rose to 4000 yuan, is still a good sell, at this time buyers mentality has the huge change, maybe just want to buy a house before pension,Then it became how to get rich by buying a house.Heilongjiang hegang in the last century, because of the rise of coal industry, also attracted many people from all over the world to look for a chance to get rich, but later because the coal resources drying up, cause the entire city lost employment channels, a population of more than ten years are trend net outflow, the hegang city of house prices nationwide last now,It can be seen that the level of housing price is closely related to the increase and decrease of population, and the increase and decrease of population is closely related to the local money.Silver beach over the past decade, because of the rise of real estate development has been focus on the development of real estate project, and tour supporting industries, as the coastal resorts, however, have no way to like other tourist scenic spot silver beach block up fee, also didn’t make much money benefits, usually in addition to some of the retired old man,Young people are rarely able to live here for long.Silver beach winter average temperature of about 4 ~ 5 ℃ below zero, and near the sea, cold wind blowing people basically can only hide in the house, plus a lot of empty apartments, some old houses can’t open the collective heating, shopping malls, supermarkets and hospitals didn’t come in, so most of migratory birds in winter will leave, only less than 20000 people remain in silver beach.In summer, the average temperature of Silver Beach is only about 25℃, which is very pleasant. From June to September, there will be nearly 100,000 people to this summer vacation. The house price and rent in summer are the highest all year round.Silver beach six floors of houses are basically developed around 2005 house, we have said, in 2003 because of the rise of the silver beach property, left hundreds of buildings, at the time to buy a house now middle-aged people are the age of retirement, but these houses there is no elevator design, for the aged and old people don’t live,So a house with a high floor and no elevator will be cheaper here.Comparatively speaking, the local life is relatively simple and pure. Every day, the old men and women sing and dance in the thumb square in the center of the city, and the life is more leisurely.In north-west of silver beach also planning industrial park in recent years, but so far have not seen any results, industry to do big, local second-hand house prices also rose up, and now here is a fine decoration, single line to see the sea the monthly rent of the apartment as long as 300 yuan, if just come over a holiday do rent more cost-effective, so that in the summer to silver beach summer, winter winter to the north sea,Is the best option.