Lianyungang has been selected as one of China’s top 10 most beautiful places to visit in 2022

2022-05-29 0 By

Everyone’s life, there are always a few places, chance encounter will miss life, these most worth going to the place, are you right?Recently, National Geographic selected the top ten most beautiful places to visit in China, and Lianyungang’s beautiful mountains and seas await travelers from all over the world.Take a hike along the boardwalk to see the liandao beach, or step on the soft sand in the beach, or sit on the embankment for a sea fishing, of course, all slowly.Lianyun Old Street can still find the old taste, you can come to encounter bluestone street and French plane trees brought by the small fresh, you can also stroll along the street to explore the old buildings.The monkey monkey of flower celestial mountain sun sun is in the water curtain cave of the cave of heaven blessing, give you the story of sun Da Sheng chomping all-powerful quietly in those days.Qinshan Island when the tide is not in the sea, when the ebb tide clearly visible Shenlu the country’s longest, China alone.Coming to Lianyungang, not having seafood once is just as regrettable as not having the sea breeze. Here, Oriental prawns, swimming crab, pomfret, small yellow croaker and other seafood are extremely fresh.In addition, local famous dishes such as braised chicken with chestnut, fried preserved head, Wind goose, guan Yundou Dan and Xiaowu liangpi are also quite delicious.Come on, together to the most beautiful travel to the country, let us enter the mountains and the sea, experience the west tour fairy mountain, beautiful coastal unique scenery and cultural charm, achievement of a must not come to the trip.