Jd.com’s layoffs continue: the queue for employees to leave has reached more than 1,000

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Layoffs continue at JD.com, which has been continuing for more than two weeks.On March 31, a jd employee told yicai that there were a large number of laid-off workers waiting for resignation procedures at the SSC (Employee Service Center) in the no.1 building of JD headquarters. One of them had already queued up to more than 1,000 in the afternoon when he took his number to resign.According to the above employee, employees usually resign in the SSC of the office building. Currently, JINGdong has several office buildings, such as Building 1, building 2 and Building 4, which are put into use. It is estimated that the number of employees leaving their jobs in a single day is more than 1,000.(Photo provided by interviewees) For the wave of layoffs of JD, the laid-off employees expressed helplessness, while the existing employees also felt panic.For many laid-off workers, it is not clear why they are being laid off.Li Xin, who has worked in JD Logistics for 8 years, told China Business News that the number of layoffs in jd Logistics headquarters is about 30%. As for the reason of the layoffs, Li Xin said that the leaders only informed her that she was on the list of personnel selected by the group, and the business did not know who was on the list, and the compensation plan was “N+1”.Wang Jia, another jingdong logistics employee who was laid off, previously worked as an operation post in a branch of jingdong Logistics for more than four years.Joyce said, at present the employees laid off workers belong to the P sequences, O sequence (such as a line of sorting, the logistics staff) is not involved, he belongs to branch staff ratio is about 40%, said the layoffs standards for nearly two years the leadership of the branch performance appraisal as a reference for screening, conversation, said Joyce for nearly two years without outstanding performance was laid.As for the reason of the layoff, the leader only mentioned “the change of the company’s organizational structure”.Jd Health also saw layoffs in several departments.Zhang Ming of JD Health said, “The layoffs in the medical department will be around 20 percent, and the layoffs in Internet hospitals, which are heavily invested in development, will be 60 to 70 percent.”Zhang said the layoffs in the medical department, which is one of jd Health’s core departments, meant a higher proportion of layoffs in other departments.Enlin Jin, who is now CHIEF executive of JD Health, previously headed the medical department.In addition, JD retail’s V business group (including pets, books and other categories) was also disbanded due to structural adjustment recently, with a layoff rate of about 20%.In addition, 3C and other businesses are also in the process of layoffs.Kyunghee is also one of the most downsized businesses.A JD.com employee provided A screenshot of jingxi’s layoffs to China Business News.Screenshots showed 100 percent of the layoffs in the Beijing-Xi Guangdong, Sichuan and Jiangxi theater commands.In addition, jingxi laid off 25% of its staff in platform research and development, as well as some of its staff in technology research and development.Jingxi had been key to the company’s efforts to reach a sinking market, but it had been lukewarm as platforms like Tao grew rapidly.However, the large-scale layoffs do not mean that the group no longer attaches importance to Jingxi. “Internally, we are still helping Jingxi push,” said an employee.The top feeling among current employees about the layoffs was “chaos.”For the layoffs, Zhang Ming thinks it is very sudden.”At the beginning of January, jd Health was still hiring, and then on January 17, it suddenly tightened up and said it was going to lay off workers, which became very fast,” he said.Some employees had already been interviewed before the end of the year and had recently formally resigned.In addition, the pace of layoffs is very fast.Zhang Jing, a current employee, said a colleague at JD Industry was informed on Tuesday that the entire department was dismissed and had to leave the company the next day without any buffer time.At the same time, staff “turnover” (job transfer) is also more chaotic.Ms Zhang says more staff have moved to her department following the downsizing.Zhang Jing does not understand this move. “There are several people from retail and other departments, and it takes a long time to learn this position, so I don’t understand why we have to lay off the experienced person and find a new person to learn it again.”In other cases, employees were told they could move to another department after being laid off. “A colleague went to sign a temporary agreement and was called back and moved to another department,” she says.Many of the layoffs are in school recruitment.Zhang Jing told THE reporter of China Business News that the department’s school enrollment was only half a year, and the severance compensation was just one month’s salary, which was of little significance and lost the identity of the school enrollment.(Li Xin, Wang Jia, Zhang Ming and Zhang Jing are pseudonyms)