It’s sweeter, tastier, fresher, juicier and more nutritious than egg-fried tomatoes

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Eggs are a common ingredient in home cooking.Very simple.Anyone who knows a little cooking can make several dishes with eggs, such as scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs with pepper, scrambled eggs with persimmon and so on.These are the most common home-cooked dishes.They are simple and quick and can be cooked in three to two minutes.But today’s dish is stir-fried abalone mushrooms.Pleurotus eryngii is nutritious, tender and chewy.Fried eggs are more delicious than meat.Pleurotus eryngii not only tastes delicious, but also contains very beneficial nutrients for human absorption.Pleurotus eryngii contains 3.5 times more oligosaccharides than flammulina, and twice as much as seafood mushrooms.Oligosaccharide can promote the absorption of nutrients, delay aging, also good for the eyes.Low fat and sugar are great for older people.In general, we love the taste of eggs and tomatoes, but no matter how delicious the dish is on a regular basis, we will lose our appetite, so don’t stir fry persimmon with eggs just yet.Try this stir-fried apricot mushrooms for a sweeter flavor.The combination of the two nutrients is more comprehensive.The egg itself is rich in nutrients, and the pleurotus eryngii can double the absorption of nutrients, so it’s a perfect pairing with fried eggs.Now let’s learn the steps of cooking.Omelette with pleurotus eryngoides: Wash pleurotus eryngoides, shred with knife, beat 3 eggs, mix well and set aside.Choose the scallions as a garnish to add flavor, separating the scallions in the middle and cutting them off.Seasoning: oil, salt, monosodium glutamate, thirteen spices, seafood soy sauce.First, wash the pleurotus eryngii shreds with water. Let the water boil and put them into the pot. Remove 10 seconds later and drain the remaining water.At this point, scrambled eggs in oil.When the eggs are ripe, pour off the excess oil.Pour the excess oil into the wok, add the chopped scallions and saute until fragrant.Then put the sliced pleurotus eryngii into the wok and stir-fry until done.When the flavor comes out again, add salt, MONOsodium glutamate, seafood soy sauce and 13 spices and continue to stir fry.To prevent the eggs from absorbing too much salt, add the eggs and saute them again for a delicious and nutritious stir-fry of abalone mushrooms.It’s even better if you have some spring Onions as a garnish.Friends who regularly eat scrambled eggs can try changing their taste.Scrambled eggs with “it” are more flavorful and tasty without changing meat.