I spend my New Year in the community

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The Year of the Tiger Spring Festival is coming, and the residents are smiling.The Spring Festival has important cultural connotations and inherits the extensive and profound Chinese culture.Blessing is the people’s biggest expectation for the Spring Festival.Yihe community held a calligraphy and painting fair to welcome the Spring Festival, and residents wrote “fu” to wish the New Year.In the community, people gather together.We make dumplings and celebrate the New Year together.Changxin community, Wang Shuhong and his wife to serve the residents busy busy, the old couple got everyone’s support and trust.Wang Shuhong said that the community is the home of the residents, want to feel comfortable in the “home”, is to work together.Red lanterns are hung high, red couplets are pasted up, we make dumplings together, happy Chinese New Year…The Year of the Tiger is coming, and the streets and communities of Changchun are decorated with lanterns and colorful activities.In the big family community, residents feel the thick flavor of the New Year.In a piece of joy, one shot, scene after scene revealed the happiness of people’s life and the vision of the New Year.Lens one community is our home happy life depends on everyone “dudu -, New Year’s day, everyone together happy New Year!”Early in the morning, with the sound of a loud and clear whistle, changxin community residents of the autonomous group members have to go out of the house, gathered in front of the residential building.Whistle is the residents of the autonomous group “leader” Wang Shuhong, 76 years old this year, she holds multiple positions: the pillars of the building, the secretary general of the Customs committee, residents representative, literary team planning and so on, because of the integrity and ability to win the residents of the trust and support, we all affectionately called her “Wang aunt”.”New Year’s day, we dress up the community, hang some lanterns on the tree!”Aunt Wang said as she handed out the red lanterns.Taking over the lantern, the team members were busy talking and laughing in twos and threes.There are activities on the whistle, is Wang Shuhong initiated, is also known as changxin community “activity signal”.Snow in winter, whistle together, we picked up the snow tools go downstairs;Hot summer, we smell whistle and move, together for flowers and trees watering fertilizer;When the whistle blew, the team members came to the conference booth with notepads.Before the party, whistles frequently, art team practice allegro row song and dance, for residents to bring a wonderful program……Speaking of the happy life in the community, Aunt Wang began to talk.After wang Shuhong and his wife retired, they came to Changchun from Yushu to seek refuge with their daughter, who works here.At first, the children also worried that the old couple could not adapt to the life here, did not expect the old couple in the community to play their spare heat, while serving residents with enthusiasm, while building the community with its strengths, on weekdays, the old couple also went to the university for the elderly, learned a variety of skills and set up a resident art team, enrich everyone’s community life.In wang aunt’s words, the community is the home of residents, to live in the “home” comfortable, happy, it is necessary to “family” together to build a community, enjoy life together.”Wang, would you look at the elbow subjects in the pot?”Lv Xiuzhi, who lives in the garden district, has been busy these days.Pig trotters in sauce, subjects’ elbows, stewed meat…The ingredients for the New Year’s Eve dinner are all ready.Although their son, who works in Hangzhou, could not come back for the Spring Festival, the couple still prepared a lot of New Year goods.Lu xiuzhi told reporters that she had made an appointment with her neighbors for the Spring Festival.”They are also unable to return home because of their children.We have a total, simply a few together to celebrate the New Year, but also lively!””I used to live in the village, and it would be very lively for the Spring Festival. When the pig was killed, the villagers all came to join in the fun.At that time, the owner had something to do with the west family, and the neighbors of the village were like relatives.Ever since I came to the city and lived in the building, I couldn’t find the feeling I had before.In the past two years, I have done more community activities. I have become more familiar with my neighbors and moved around more. I have met several old sisters.”Lv xiuzhi told reporters that more and more activities are being held in the community, which not only enrich the lives of residents, but also draw in neighborhood feelings.”You see, the atmosphere of the New Year in our community can be festive!Rows of red lanterns and colored lights, the community also prepared New Year blessing bag for residents, we here tenants in deaf children, most of these family poverty, community in order to let the children to put on new clothes before the Spring Festival, united the caring organizations to tailor the dress for the children, this two days also handed out these difficulties family caffeine arts,Every bit of love warms not only the hearts of the recipients, but also the hearts of all residents.”Lu xiuzhi said, the residents are the small family, the community is “everyone”, small family affairs, “everyone” to help, living in the community, more and more comfortable.For Lv xiuzhi, this Spring Festival is especially happy. Once she and her husband were just tenants in the community and planned to move back to the house after a while. Now they have fallen in love with each other and bought a house in the community and settled down.”Neighbors say that the New Year’s Eve dinner is a housewarming dinner. We welcome the New Year and wish a happy new life together.””This dumpling filling is pork and celery, Wang Shijie aunt likes to eat this filling most.”The Spring Festival, Yongchang Street Liu Jianjun love for the elderly volunteer federation also busy, early in the morning volunteers gathered together, yihe community low-income families Wang Shijie dumplings.Soon the dumplings out of the pot, we carried the steaming dumplings to the old man’s home, paste the word “fu”, paste window cuts, paste Spring Festival couplets, decorate the house, Aunt Wang smiled from ear to ear.”In the year of the Tiger, my son and I have a new life. Thanks to the community and the volunteer children!”Wang Shijie, 77, is a subsistence allowance holder in Yihe community. He is in poor health and his son has lost the ability to take care of himself due to illness.The house was in poor condition because of disrepair.After knowing this situation, Liu Jianjun led party members to volunteer to the elderly home to carry out the “old house for new” action.Sweeping the floor, cleaning the glass, repairing the faucet, installing the bulb, scraping the white, wallpaper……In half a day’s time, the whole room suddenly brightened and took on a new look.Aunt Wang looked here and there excitedly and could not conceal her delight. “Before, we used to muddle through, living one day at a time, but now I have to enjoy my happy life.”The roots of the year is a time when barbershops are doing brisk business, but Liu jianjun is busy giving free haircuts to the elderly in the community.A few days ago, Liu jianjun also led three volunteers into a military retired cadres rest center, for the elderly officers and their families to carry out volunteer services.In retreat for activity room, volunteers for the old head hair, hair color, one side chat with old chief, when a haircut for them is the “good guys” in China, jilin province outstanding volunteers pacesetter Liu Jianjun, old leaders respect, a thumbs-up, rushed to take picture with Liu Jianjun, at the same time also said that if have the opportunity to allow the body,Also want to join the team of volunteers, continue to give play to spare heat, do something for the party and the people.Like Liu jianjun, Sui Yanjun, the owner of Li Ji Chef restaurant in Huimin Community, is known for his warm heart.He connected with 15 poor residents, every festival, he always sent rice, flour, oil and other daily necessities for these poor residents.Gao Eldest brother, a disabled man living in Fengshun Street, lives semi-independently and has been taken care of by his parents. A few years ago, his parents passed away, and his life fell into trouble.After Sui Yanjun learned that, with some daily necessities to see him, through conversation, for Big brother Gao, cooking is a difficult thing.”In the future, I will bring you your daily meals.” Since then, Sui Yanjun will send hot meals to Gao’s home at noon every day.No matter how busy the store is, no matter how windy or rainy, for that simple promise, Sui Yanjun’s free food delivery has never been interrupted for several years.A golden wedding commemoration activity kicked off the Spring Festival in Minfeng Community of Rongguang Street. Seven golden couples in the district came to the activity site and got together to tell their stories when they were young.During the activity, the community staff played the video carefully recorded by their children to the 7 couples without their knowledge. After listening to the children’s words of blessing, the old people were moved to tears.Wang Hailong, 82, and his wife are one of seven couples to get married.He told reporters that he and his wife were not at ease when they first moved into chenyu community, but the community has changed so much in the past two years, especially in serving the elderly.Not only does the grid leader often go into the house to understand the needs of the elderly residents, but the atmosphere of caring for the elderly and helping the elderly in the community is also stronger, and the living environment and the spiritual outlook of residents have changed.”Our community to build a happy courtyard, said to do, now the community has really become a happy courtyard for residents.”Min Feng community secretary Chen Xi told reporters, Chen Yu community elderly people, she once saw an uncle, because his wife’s legs are not agile, sitting in a wheelchair, but uncle and want to take his wife out for a ride, he will ride a small tricycle, behind pulling his wife in the community walk.This picture full of happiness deeply touched Chen Xi, she wanted to create a happy courtyard.But how do you keep all these people together?Then we need to do more meaningful activities to let residents contribute to the family from the heart.Hard work pays off, now chenyu community residents really feel a sense of happiness.In order to welcome the arrival of the New Year, Jida Community, Shuangde Street, High-tech Zone has carefully designed and carried out a series of rich and wonderful cultural activities and public welfare classes, so that residents can safely and happily spend the New Year.According to the actual needs of teenagers and parents, Jida community has introduced a number of social organizations, offering public welfare courses such as “after-school hours light”, whole brain development, Rubik’s cube, Fenji reading, robot building, hip-hop, DIY, parent-child interaction and integration, with a total number of participants of more than 600 people.Cui Zihan, a parent who attended the event, posted photos of his children participating in the community activities on wechat moments, with the caption: “Thanks to our community for organizing various colorful classes and activities, children’s weekends have always been happy and fulfilling, and parents do not have to travel to school with their children.”For the elderly in the area, the community opened beauty makeup, small video production, bead weaving, pastry, tea art and other courses.Let everyone learn makeup skills, with the most beautiful attitude to light up life;Learn how to use short videos to capture the “best moments” of your life.Weave a beautiful life out of little beads.Zeng Jinhong, an 85-year-old woman who took part in the video class, said, “I like sports and literature. The class has helped me gain new knowledge and make new friends. I can spend my old age happily, thanks to the activities arranged by the community.”Residents Li Enjuan and Zhou Li couple said: “We have learned the content of the course. When we travel in the future, we can also record a small video to show our children. I hope that more good community activities will be held so that we can have more opportunities to learn.”Through the service of “one old and one small”, the community also drives more and more volunteers to participate in the community construction and service, some parents donated books to the community, some claimed the micro wishes of residents…They hope to guide their children with their practical actions and set a good example for them.In order to promote the traditional culture of calligraphy and create a festive and peaceful atmosphere of the festival, Jida community also held a “wonderful writing Spring Festival couplets, send blessings to families” activity, invited the teachers of jida community calligraphy and painting institute to write Spring Festival couplets on the spot, residents pick their favorite Spring Festival couplets on the spot, the thick flavor of the New Year and good wishes to bring home.For the officers and men who stick to the fire brigade, every festival times miss relatives.Xinghuacun community Party Committee and the Party building alliance unit changchun fire service station jointly held a New Year’s theme activities.In the activity, community workers, resident party members and firefighters have been thrown into the ranks of dumplings, some young firefighters or the first time to make dumplings, residents aunt took the initiative as a teacher, hand in hand demonstration guidance, with firefighters to make dumplings together.After a while, dumplings wrapped, everyone said their dumplings look good, laughter, years of taste diffuse.