A small accident, Jiayuguan public security traffic police teach you how to deal with

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During the Spring Festival, the traffic flow of medium and short distance trips such as visiting relatives and friends will increase significantly, making traffic accidents very easy to occur.Most driver friends out of a traffic accident is often a blank brain, some car friends may be the first time, do not deal with the experience.Today jiayuguan public security traffic police tell you, encountered traffic accident (no major casualties) how to deal with quickly.This feature allows you to quickly deal with a minor accident online after a two-car minor accident.Drivers simply take out their mobile phones, take and upload photos of the accident, and after a simple operation, they can quickly leave the scene and get everything done.1. Please turn on the danger alarm flash immediately, and set up a triangle warning board.2. One party involved in the accident shall take photos on the scene to obtain evidence, including at least 3 photos of the front side, rear side and collision site of the vehicle.The parties can take photos through mobile phone cameras and take evidence through the “Traffic Management 12123” APP.3. Both parties and their vehicles should evacuate from the scene.4. For self-negotiation, one party of the accident shall collect the certificate information of both parties and the accident situation, and the other party of the accident shall confirm by SMS, and both parties shall sign electronically.5, for the application of online traffic police identification, one party to the accident to collect the documents of both parties and photos, accident situation, the other party to the accident SMS confirmation, electronic signature of both parties, traffic police online responsibility.6, both parties to the accident to the nearest center, print the self-negotiation agreement or simple accident confirmation, and assess the loss, claim.2. How to use mobile phone APP for online quick compensation Party download and install the mobile phone APP “Jiaoguan 12123”, registered users can use the quick compensation function of “Jiaoguan 12123” mobile phone APP to make quick compensation for traffic accident after logging in.1 How do I download and install Traffic Management 12123?1. Scan the following QR code to download and install “Jiaoguan 12123” 2. You can search “Jiaoguan 12123” or “12123” in the App Store to download and install.3. Android phones can download and install the latest version by searching for “Jiaoguan 12123” on 360 App Market, Wandoujia and App Bao.4. It can also be downloaded by scanning the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code in the APP download column of the Internet Traffic safety Integrated service management platform.5. Open the wechat public account of “Jiayuguan Public Security Traffic Police” and scan the QR code to download it or enter the keywords of “Traffic Guan 12123” and “12123” and scan the QR code to download it.2. How to operate the quick loss APP?1. Click the accident quick location — > accident location location — > Read business instructions — > Scene photo prompt to evacuate the scene — > Select processing mode 2. Negotiate by yourself to input id information — > Confirm ID information input ID information — > confirm ID information collection ID photo– > Select accident situation — > Supplement Agreement information — Select verification method — Add confirmation information — > SMS confirmation — > Signature of both parties — > End 3.Wait for traffic police audit, identify responsibility.Source: Jiayuguan Public Security traffic police