A horsewoman galloping on a mountain road

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As major Cold entered, the temperature suddenly dropped, the sky was gray, and soon it began to rain.MAO Shaojuan, a delivery worker in Beidou Township, Yongping County, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, got out of the car and tucked the curtain of the wind-whipped oilcloth under the back seat, then moved down the iron clip that fixed the oilcloth and the partition board. At this time, she was preoccupied with how to deliver the goods safely to her customers.She did not care to wipe the wet rain off her, but got into the car, ready to start again.This year is the 11th year that MAO Shaojuan has ridden on this mountain road. People who are familiar with her call her “Sister MAO”.Winding narrow mountain road, deep shallow water, we slowly followed sister MAO behind, the heart can not help but pinch for her.”Go out at 7 o ‘clock in the morning, the sky is too dark, although familiar with the road condition, but also can’t be paralyzed, this is a car full of customers’ ‘baby knot’ ah, not the slightest mistake.”It wasn’t until we reached a shop at a fork in the road that Sister MAO stopped her tricycle and turned to us.Tea uncle mouth of “small cotton-padded jacket” “tea uncle, tea uncle, I came, you and 嬢嬢 up?”Sister MAO patted the door and looked down at the curtain.”MAO, there you are. Get up, get up.I and you 嬢嬢 said today the weather is particularly cold, we first ignition waiting for you, a while you come or warm hands.”Uncle Tea heard the sound of excitement to meet out, said to pull her into the house.”Uncle Tea, we are in a hurry, and there are many goods to send!Next time, next time I will stay with you and 嬢嬢 fire chat.”Sister MAO smiled and pointed to the full car, turned around and took a small step to the carriage, took the goods delivered by Tea uncle into the house, and then swept the card, counted, signed, at one go.”Tea uncle, you say 1 with 嬢嬢, we walked first.When you use this stove to warm yourself, be careful to open the window and ventilate it. It is bad for your health if it lasts too long. When you are not busy, I will bring you an electric firearm.”Sister MAO said to uncle Tea, who was busy by the fire, as she strode out of the room.”Xiao MAO, wait, you can take these baba for the road.”Uncle Tea saw us determined to go, busy chasing out, the steaming bag into the hands of Sister MAO.”Don’t sit, that at least also warm eat a mouthful.”See MAO elder sister refuse however, tea uncle tight frown just stretched, “yes, yes, I must open the door and open the window, be careful of gas, you ride slowly ah, ride slowly.”With the hot zi ba in her pocket, she looked at the back of tea Uncle standing in the rearview mirror, and MAO Sister clenched her hand more firmly.”Well, this is the country rider you want to know, who walks 100 miles a day.”Before seeing Sister MAO, Angkor never thought his wife often mentioned that the rider was a woman, but also a tricycle female rider.Angkor looked up and down at Sister MAO suspiciously.Mrs Wu then added: “Sister MAO is not only a fierce horsewoman, or popeye!The 69 customers in the area load, unload and move goods, all handled by one person, just like what the TV said…Women are not equal to men!”In the face of Mrs Wu’s praise, Sister MAO more embarrassed.Angkor opened the store last year before he left home to find work for his wife, who was staying home to take care of their children.However, his wife is not highly educated, and whether he can manage his own shop has become the thing angkor cares most about when he leaves home.”I have a bad memory, also is less, orders, and orders are at the beginning, yongping county, tobacco monopoly bureau staff on-site training taught me operation for many times, Mao Jie every time to slowly will show me and teach me, gave me some good advice, it can store a thriving, Mao Jie half had a hand, she not only observant, quick, legs,The brain is working well.”Mrs Wu smiles as she explains how she became a fan of Sister MAO.”Admire, admire, a woman rider, such a cold day alone in such a narrow mountain road pulling a load of goods, people are wet, but can not find a piece of water marks on the cargo box.”Angkor signed and gave a thumbs-up to Sister MAO.Zhang 嬢 in the heart of “stubborn girl” 60 kilometers away from the zhang 嬢 store is the farthest customer delivery, but also the most concerned sister MAO.”As long as zhang 嬢 made an appointment with the time, no matter how cold the outside, the time is much late, she is always waiting for me at the door, today the road slip to open slowly, she must have been in and out in the shop door look several times.”Looking up at the shop on the hillside, Sister MAO was anxious.”It’s a big slope. How can you climb it alone, Sister MAO?”I asked curiously.”Even today the road is slippery, usually still can, although I am small, strength can be big!The country roads are difficult, but I can do anything a man can do. Otherwise, HOW can I become a man of women?”Seeing the car up the hill, Sister MAO loosened her grip and slowed down.See on time delivery of the MAO elder sister, Zhang 嬢 overjoyed, “the weather is not good today, thought you would not come up!Whenever I heard the sound of motorbikes, I ran out, thinking of asking my neighbours to help you push the bike, but you were such a stubborn girl that I never let me do it many times.”See we unload the goods, Zhang 嬢 busy will already pour the hot water handed over, insist on let us drink and walk again.”Zhang 嬢, last week week of time, see you didn’t wear mask, you flash waist go out also inconvenient, I gave you to take mask, should enough you use for a while.”Sister MAO put down the cup just to the mouth, got up and took out a big bag of masks in the car. “There are so many people coming and going in the grocery store, it’s better to wear a mask.”Zhang 嬢 grin replied, busy hair elder sister sat around, back and forth rubbing Mao Jie blue hand said to us, “the child mind’s eye, stubborn temper, for so many years every yuan, spring two her delivery is day and night, at seven o ‘clock in the morning to go out, a day back and forth several trips to the mountain road, home at eight or nine o ‘clock in the evening.She was afraid to call, afraid of affecting her driving, can only look at the intersection.”There are many deliverymen like MAO shaojuan on the mountain distribution lines.”Grassroots services are emphasizing to get through the ‘last mile’, and we are originally for the customer service, now the thing to do is to change the ‘last mile’ to zero distance, I do not know if we do not count the delivery……”Sister MAO kept going before she finished.(Yang Jiru, Yang Hui)