14 years old!Why didn’t CCTV broadcast the Women’s football team’s Asian Cup final live?The fans are angry and don’t understand

2022-05-29 0 By

If the miracle has a color, it must be Chinese red!China beat Japan 6-5 to reach the Final of the Asian Cup and will face South Korea at 19:00 On Feb 6, Beijing time.The Japanese women’s football team has won the World Cup and the Asian Cup twice. In the absence of the main force Wang Shuang, The Chinese women’s football team won the victory with their unyielding spirit. This is the first time for the Chinese women’s football team to reach the Final of the Asian Cup since 2008.After 14 years of waiting, it’s really exciting for the women’s team to beat Japan. Recently the men’s team lost to Japan and was teased by Japanese players. The Japanese goalkeeper even put on pants to humiliate the national team.In the Previous Tokyo Olympic Games, the proud Chinese women’s volleyball team lost in Japan, and the gold medal of table tennis mixed doubles was also lost to Japan, which was really depressing for many fans.To be honest, before the match between The women’s football team and Japan, many football fans were very calm, everyone believed that as long as the women’s football team played its own level and played with spirit, it would be the winner.In the match, The Japanese women’s football team won the advantage twice, while the Chinese women’s football team fought hard and rose to the challenge again and again. The veteran Lou Jiahui was carried off on a stretcher in order to win the match.It was not until the last moment that the veteran players were still desperate. Wang Shanshan, the captain, who had been connecting and defending in the middle and back of the field all game, was light at the last moment and still had the strength to rush forward to seize the opportunity and score the equaliser.Meanwhile in the penalty shootout, the Chinese girl withstood the pressure and finally got the last laugh.The women’s soccer team beat Japan to win, but CCTV chose not to live broadcast such a historic moment. This is not the first time that CCTV did not live broadcast the match against Vietnam, which made many fans feel that they could not understand, and many fans criticized CCTV for such an arrangement.However, what is more surprising is that CCTV still chose not to live broadcast the women’s soccer final match against South Korea. Careful fans saw that the broadcast list of CCTV on February 6 had been released, and the women’s soccer match was not scheduled to be live.Obviously everyone likes to watch women’s football matches, not men’s football matches, why are men’s football matches broadcast, women’s football matches choose not to broadcast.Some fans said that CCTV deliberately did not broadcast women’s football live because it did not want to put pressure on them. Is that acceptable?But showing women’s matches live on some networks and having to pay to watch them is something many fans don’t understand.At the same time for many old fans, they like to watch live on TV, I have to say the CCTV arrangement really hurt the hearts of many fans.It can be said that the phenomenon of favoring men’s football over women’s football exists all over the world. The prize money and audience rating of men’s football matches are higher than that of women’s football matches. CCTV’s live broadcast arrangement conforms to social rules, but does not conform to the mood of Chinese fans.Next China women’s football team against South Korea, it is no exaggeration to say that the probability of winning the women’s football team is very large.Previously, The Chinese women’s football team had eliminated the South Korean team in the Olympic Play-off match, and the Chinese women’s football team was not afraid of the South Korean team. After 14 years of waiting, the Chinese women’s football team played in the final again, which also declared that the women’s football team set sail again and launched an impact on the World Cup.