Wipe the podium and throw the ice!The RESPONSE from the International Skating Federation is encouraging. The Korean team is in trouble

2022-05-28 0 By

South Korea is arguably the most unlikely team in the Winter Olympics.After coming to the competition area, The Korean team has appeared various troubles, as the host of the last Winter Olympics, so the Korean team did not bring the spirit of competition to the Beijing Winter Olympics.In the game we saw the South Korean players on the field is a variety of fouls frequently appear, the use of a variety of small moves to profit, is also the majority of netizens unanimously painful criticism.And in this so particularly worth mentioning is also everyone’s impression, the most impressive may be the South Korean athlete Car Min Kui he in the award stage to wipe the podium such a thing.That scene can be said to have caused a very big controversy, we do not know the car min Kui he is for the results of the controversy, or for the Beijing Winter Olympics have a great dissatisfaction, but his such a practice is seriously caused by the doubts of netizens, but also by the domestic and foreign fans of the same pain.Then such a behavior at that time also pushed the Korean team to a peak of public opinion, let us feel that the Korean team is really some can not afford to lose.And after the game, the players he had, after the game to let’s Beijing Olympic mascots ice mound mound thrown into the trash can, because at the time of day conference, two other players is a part of the award with ice mound mound, their ice mound mound is speech on the conference table, but we can’t see the car 旼, carlos,He took Bing Dwen dwen to the press conference.So this is more proof that the Korean team such behavior, also really let us Beijing Winter Olympics sports fans very angry.Because we want to be clear, bing Dwen dwen as the mascot of the Beijing Winter Olympics, is of extraordinary significance, but also represents our efforts and contributions to this event as the host party, the Beijing Winter Olympics.But the result has been treated like this by the Korean team, really there are some excessive, let us really very chill.So people at that time also accused the athlete, but also hope to give him some punishment.But off the field, to be honest, as long as he does not commit a foul, the IOC is not in a position to punish him.But this does not mean that South Korea would escape behavior this time, so it has been proved that the south Korean team car 旼 kratos has to own this kind of behavior with some price, a very for a short time before, international HuaLian for car 旼 kratos made a lot of sanctions, can give us the answer to a very few people.Not long ago, the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation released an update on the results of the speed skating events at this Winter Olympics.In the news feed, International Skating announced the medal winners of the winter Olympics, along with a photo of the podium.International HuaLian but we can see from this picture, is to do a very meaningful move, that is he put the name of the Chinese team and Japanese team athletes we focus tagging, made a very good publicity, but for South Korea’s car 旼 kratos international HuaLian said no, no.So it can be said that the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation such an action is to give an attitude, ignoring The car min Kui, so that he became the only one can not get publicity results of the team.It can be said that the practice of the International Skating Federation is really very popular, so that the majority of our netizens can not help but applaud.So as a Winter Olympic athletes, in the arena appeared a series of disrespect opponents, do not respect the Winter Olympic Games behavior, Car min-kui is self-inflicted.Similarly, this time the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation made such a move, it is also bound to let the Korean team into more public opinion and trouble.In the previous Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, people may have been very critical of the South Korean team, and now they have made such a series of farce in The Beijing Winter Olympics, so I believe that the South Korean team will be subjected to more pressure and unnecessary troubles in the future.A word of advice to the South Korean team: Look out for yourself.