The fire situation in the province remained stable during the Spring Festival in 2022

2022-05-28 0 By

During the Spring Festival period (from 0 o ‘clock on January 31, 2022 to 15 o ‘clock on February 6, 2022), the province received 4335 reports of various police situations, dispatched 57,280 fire rescue personnel and 9,665 vehicles.Among them, 3,715 fires were fought and saved, 289 were rescued, 130 were provided social assistance, 201 were on duty, and 126 people were rescued from disaster sites.The fire situation in the province remains stable.At the same time, government organs at all levels paid close attention to education and management, ensured the stability of the ranks, rationally arranged the personnel on duty and took turns to take their rest in accordance with the requirement of “three and one third”, and strengthened combat readiness on duty.Adhere to strict control, firmly guard the bottom line of fire safety.In accordance with the overall work objectives of “four guarantees”, we will spare no efforts to prevent large fires, control small fires and curb human casualties.In addition, shandong fire departments in different places to carry out special investigation of fire hazards.We will do a good job in supervision and supervision, and strengthen inspections of high-risk links, such as people, cars, alcohol, Internet and electricity security, and key periods beyond the eight-hour period.During this period, a total of 209 units have been inspected, and 366 fire hazards have been rectified. Civil air defense and technical prevention measures have been fully implemented to ensure fire safety in all kinds of places, and the people have enjoyed a stable and peaceful Spring Festival.Shandong Fire Protection All-media Work Center