Sneak across the border, liupanshui these four people were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment!

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On March 14, the criminal tribunal of the People’s Court of the Liuzhi Special Administrative Region (SAR) heard a case of suspected cross-border smuggling.In June 2019, the defendant Ai contacted with others after a good job, invited Huang, Pang and other people to work in Yunnan, according to the arrangement of others from Menghai County Jinghong City, Yunnan Province, Daluo port by motorcycle, boat smuggled to Myanmar mengla to work.To August 2021, Ai mou, Pang mou, Huang Mou, Wang Mou (after the defendant ai mou invited to Work in Myanmar) and other people illegally crossed the border.In August 2021, pang and Wang could not find their way back to China due to the change of workplace, so they reported the case to the local police and were sent back to China.The defendant ai a certain, wang mou, pang, huang from yunnan to Burma’s crossing facts, charges no dissent, voluntary confession forfeit, liuzhi according to the trial conditions, the people’s court according to the nature of the defendant’s criminal facts, crime and the harm of plot, as well as for society, to cross the frontier sentenced the defendant ai a fixed-term imprisonment for seven months,Sentenced to the defendant Wang mou, Pang mou, Huang Mou, six months imprisonment, four per capita probation.In order to let the four people understand the charges involved, the judge in the trial of the charge of the crime of smuggling across the border, stressed that entry and exit (border) should hold the corresponding documents, check identity after release.4. The defendant knowingly entered or left the country by means of smuggling, ignored the laws and regulations on border administration, and his behavior shall be punished by law;In addition, as international environmental conflicts are highlighted and the COVID-19 pandemic continues, individuals should strengthen their awareness of prevention and the overall situation, and always keep their own behavior under the provisions of the law. Any behavior should not go beyond the provisions of the law. Abiding by the law is their own consciousness and is also their obligation as social persons and citizens of a country.After the explanation, the four defendants had a new understanding of their illegal behavior, said that they admitted their guilt and accepted community correction. At the same time, they consulted the judge about the matters that should be paid attention to during the probation test, and the judge replied and explained.Guizhou Daily sky eye news reporter Deng Qian editor Zhang Hong editor Liu Dan Liu Gang