Noah’s Ark choice

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The secret of nature is hidden in a drop of water, a grain of sand. It is the cycle. The cycle is infinite.One can see stars that are either extremely cold or burning or infinitely magnetic, but one cannot see their past or future.Maybe they are each other’s past and future.Maybe it was the height of civilization, high dimensional, and it’s gone, maybe they moved ahead of time.Our consciousness comes from different dimensions of planet consciousness, and we all queue up to find a more suitable space.The Buddha and the Taoist saints came from the higher dimensional space and they petitioned for enlightenment, just like going to the countryside to teach people and continue civilization.To leave profound science in the form of scripture is not for the sake of incense and worship, worship and persuasion.The way to answer questions is also to better teach people who have relationships.Although they have learned the great Road Mahayana civilization, they still came to the barren and backward world, which is to attach importance to the inheritance of civilization.Poor as infants, but also for more.Thousands of years are like a day.When people are still immersed in the worldly wisdom around, trivial, livelihood and wealth, the world has unknowingly entered a turbulent period, information and ideas are minute explosion of convenient era, is also close to the “overflow” state.Without looking at those prophecies and rumors, we can infer from the law that the “overflow” stage will come, so the appearance of Noah’s Ark is so reasonable.But if there were a Noah’s Ark, only the world’s greedy rich and political tycoons, and the people who serve them, could enter.Of course not!Do you think that a scholar is only a famous official and baiding is just an ordinary person? No, the ark needs to be tortured by the soul, because the continuation of civilization does not need a corrupt scum, but people with knowledge and management ability.