In 2022, the Chinese women’s Volleyball team will start again

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The new Training camp of The Chinese women’s volleyball team opened in Beilun, Ningbo on Thursday, marking the start of the team’s preparation for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.A total of 67 athletes, including Rio Olympic champions Yuan Xinyue, Ding Xia and Gong Xiangyu, took part in the training camp, which was divided into several groups, including main attack, side attack, relay, relay and free agent.According to CAI Bin, head coach of the Chinese women’s Volleyball team, all 71 players in the talent pool of the national women’s volleyball team are eligible to attend the training camp, while some players who are not in the talent pool have signed up for the camp by themselves. Some of them are absent due to injuries and other reasons, but the training camp door is open to them at any time.Coach CAI Bin said: after the start of the training camp, we should first focus on discipline, management, thinking and physical strength. The training camp adopts semi-militarized management mode and has strict rules for entering the camp.During the training session, the coaching team will also arrange individual technical training.Starting from The 18th, a professional testing team will test the physical fitness, physical strength and exercise physiology indicators of the trainees, and establish a database of the trainees.After a period of intensive training, athletes will be selected into the Chinese women’s volleyball squad through comprehensive assessment from the aspects of will, quality, physical fitness and technology.The coaching team will make different training plans for the players because of their different ages, playing age, skill level and ability.”Holding this training camp is an innovative experiment,” CAI said.In this way, we hope to build up a talent pool for The Chinese women’s volleyball team, and at the same time allow more players to broaden their horizons and broaden their knowledge through training with the national team.After participating in the training, they can bring the excellent training style and methods of the national team back to the local team, thus promoting the daily training of the local team.We can hold such training camps irregularly as needed to strengthen the talent base of the Chinese women’s volleyball team.”With the opening of the training camp, the new coach and support team of the Chinese women’s volleyball team was unveiled.In addition to the head coach CAI Bin, there are 10 coaches including Yuan Zhi, Yuan Lingxi, Yu Fei and Chen Youquan, as well as 17 members of the training support group, physical fitness group, medical group and logistics support group.According to CAI bin, coaches and security team members are created through recommendation and self-recommendation.The reason for the large number of coaches is that the training needs of players in different positions are taken into account.During the training camp, he also reviews the coaches and support staff.The most important competition tasks for Chinese women’s volleyball team this year will be the World Championships and hangzhou Asian Games.CAI bin said the Chinese women’s volleyball team will try to win the Gold medal at the Asian Games and also try to do well at the World Championships.Due to the close schedule of the two events, the Chinese women’s Volleyball team will adjust the team’s state well with the help of the technology team.Source: Xinhua