How much strength does Shenzhen supply Hong Kong?2,800 live pigs a day, 2,000 tons of vegetables, and these

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On February 27, shenzhen held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control.The press learned from the meeting that data in the past ten days show that Shenzhen supplies Hong Kong with daily necessities in a stable and orderly manner, including over 2,000 tons of vegetables, over 2,800 tons of live pigs, over 400 tons of fruits, over 300 tons of fresh frozen meat, 230 tons of eggs and over 60 tons of dairy products. Shenzhen supplies nearly 80% of the Hong Kong market with necessities.Zhou Mingwu, deputy director of shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, said that in order to support Hong Kong’s fight against COVID-19 and ensure the supply of supplies, shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce will strengthen the monitoring of the incoming goods market of Shenzhen Haijixing and Jinshuihe and strengthen the preparation of goods.”Shenzhen has a total of about 60 key supply enterprises, strengthen the organization of supply, to ensure the stable price and sufficient supply.”On the other hand, we need to ensure smooth transportation and open up new transportation channels.On the basis of the strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control, safety management should be strengthened around transportation of people’s livelihood materials, vehicle disinfection, driver health management and other links to ensure the safety of people’s environment.In order to increase the supply of fresh goods for people’s livelihood in Hong Kong, wenjindu port will only be used for the entry and exit of fresh goods supplied to Hong Kong from February 14.In terms of water transportation, since February 21, Dachan Bay Wharf, Ma Bay and Yantian Port have fully opened shenzhen-Hong Kong cross-border water transportation special lines. As of February 26 yesterday, more than 30 flights have been operated, and a total of more than 10,000 tons of materials have been transported since the opening.In terms of railway, the transportation department is promoting the opening of shenzhen-Hong Kong cross-border railway freight line to provide more transportation options for commercial enterprises in Shenzhen and Hong Kong.Xu Yi, Du Yan, LIU Qianxi, Wang Wei, XU Yi;Wang Wei South Media Group South + client source: South + – create more value