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“Everyone wants to do their best on the pitch, the three of us are a unit and we take all the results together.Chinese aerials team mates Xu Mengtao and Qi Guangpu express their relief after jia Zongyang’s mistake in the final round of the freestyle skiing aerials mixed team event at The Genting Ski Park in Zhangjiakou, China, Feb. 10, 2018.From Vancouver to Beijing, the trio who have fought together in four Winter Olympics have risen and fallen together.The mixed team freestyle skiing aerials event is a new addition to the Beijing Games, with six teams competing.Due to the absence of maxim, the leader of the Russian Olympic Team, China’s biggest rival is the United States.In the qualifying round, ASHLEY Caldwell of the United States scored 104.31 with the same highest difficulty of 4.293 as Xu mengtao. Xu Mengtao performed the same difficulty well in the air, but her hands touched the snow when she landed, and she scored 94.01. Jia Zongyang and Qi Guangpu later performed well.China entered the final ranked first with 336.89 points.The United States finished second with 330.55 points and also qualified for the final.After qualifying, the three hugged each other to give each other a pep talk.There are four teams in the finals, namely China, the United States, Canada and Switzerland.In the first round, the first players have made mistakes, ASHLEY got 88.86 points, the last xu Mengtao completed the highest difficulty of 4.293 again, with 106.03 points for China to get off to a good start.In the second round, Lillis of the United States attempted a 5.0 difficult move and scored 135 points.Jia, who still scored 4.425 points, made a mistake on the landing, made a forward roll and finished with 96.02 points.He gave a shout after the mistake.”Don’t worry, it’s all right.”Xu Mengtao in the waiting area immediately came forward to embrace, comfort Jia Zongyang, “I know, no one is more sad than him.”China trailed the US by 21.81 points after two rounds, but Justin, the third American, landed safely and had a commanding total of 338.34 points.Qi guangpu chose the difficulty of 4.525 points, soared into the sky and landed steadily, finally scoring 122.17 points.A score of 324.22 gave the three veterans a silver medal.As he walked off the court, Jia zongyang’s eyes turned red and he choked up. “I can’t tell you how I feel.Looking back on the preparation for the past four years, from the coach to every staff member, I have made full preparations in training every day. I lost the gold medal because of my mistake, and LET down the trust of my team and teammates, as well as all the people who supported us. I’m really sorry!”See Jia Zongyang remorse, Xu Mengtao and Qi Guangpu hug.”There is nothing to be afraid of, the three of us together. We must advance together. We must retreat together.”Xu mengtao said.”I have nothing to blame myself for. I made a mistake in the last group, and you didn’t blame me!We are the best!”Qi Guangpu cheered loudly for the team.In 4.425, Jia Zongyang had a high success rate, but he made a mistake this time. Jia Zongyang recalled, “I could not feel the moment of a few seconds, I felt fast, and I felt basically no problem at the moment of the movement, and I was in control all the time.But when I hit the ground, I couldn t tell what the problem was.In 2015, Jia zongyang suffered a broken tibia, fibula and medial ankle during a training accident.During the operation, up to 22 steel pins and two steel plates were inserted into his legs.His legs were so impressive in the X-rays that he became known as “Iron Man”.At the time, Jia’s parents urged him to stop, but he returned with an iron will and won a silver medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.Before, in the whole Beijing Winter Olympics preparation cycle, Jia Zongyang still maintained a good state.Seeing the comfort of his teammates, Jia zongyang felt warm, “encourage each other, this is the normal of our team, this failure, but I will adjust my state as soon as possible, try my best, and have a better performance in the individual competition.”Xu Mengtao was the only female athlete in the team event and the first to start.”I want to play a calming role. I want to give full play to myself and express myself.I did better with one than with the other.”Referring to the competition performance, she said, “This project is very accidental, Jia Zongyang a forward roll error, does not affect our continued excellence, continue to bloom.”Xu Mengtao, Jia Zongyang and Qi Guangpu won a total of 100 MEDALS in the World Cup, and the three veterans are also playing in the Winter Olympics for the fourth time.In the face of aging and injury, they are still standing firmly in the winter Olympics.”As long as you have a dream, injury and age are not problems.”Qi guangpu said.Photo credit: China Sports Photo