A windfall for migrant workers

2022-05-28 0 By

In 2022, all industries are facing severe challenges and are not doing well.Businesses and business owners either cut staff or downsize in order to survive.The cold real estate industry, so that most of the construction site to reduce the number of people, so migrant workers have no way out.Starting in 2021, a few lucky workers will barely survive until the end of the year. After the Spring Festival, many companies will no longer be in a hurry to hire workers, leaving a large number of migrant workers idle.In previous years, danian 29 home, after the Third day of the Spring Festival, busy irrigating the land, anxious to go out to work to earn money.At that time, migrant workers often left their families together less and more, and the phenomenon of left-behind children and women was very serious, which had affected the happiness of families. Therefore, the state began to pay great attention to it.Every year after the Spring Festival, will see the reluctant scene of parting, elderly parents to see off their children, wife to give up her husband, children cry to send their parents, these pictures make people feel sad, make people unbearable.Although this year’s migrant workers have lost their jobs, they have spent more time at home, and the atmosphere of family peace has increased.A family together round and round hehemeimei happy, this itself is harvest.By contrast, family happiness is more important than money.Hard work to earn money, is not for today’s happiness?The most important purpose of building a beautiful countryside and revitalizing rural areas is to make millions of migrant workers’ families happy.