The Story of Huaxian 603: Forever 1218 by Li Nan

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To read more about Yimen Village, click “Follow”.Li Nan (group leader) : The eternal Chairman MAO taught us: “The world is yours and ours, but it is yours in the final analysis.You young people are full of vigor and vitality, like the sun at eight or nine in the morning.Hope rests with you.”When we reread this quotation from Chairman MAO, I don’t know what you are thinking.How would you feel if you read this quotation or sang this quotation song 52 years ago?Fifty-two years on, we are witnesses and witnesses: times have changed, the world has changed, and so have we.We are not who we were, not the eight or nine o ‘clock sun.Fifty-two years ago, when talking about class enemies, it was common to say that they were “still alive, but never dead in heart”.Fifty-two years later, we are still alive.Not only that, our blood was still hot!In a word, I would like to thank all from December 15 19:26 group announcement issued “1218 memorial Activity notice” up to now, overcome many difficulties, actively participate in this activity (heart and heart, out of the program or not, made a speech or just concern) comrades and friends, thank you!I give you the highest salute from 6032 comrade-in-arms!Some things, in fact, only need you “give me a reason”.Day, time “node” is undoubtedly a best reason.Because, year after year, this day, the same day, will come.1218 is a time node.This node, every time, connects us, tugs at our heartstrings.It can also bring out the “passion, enthusiasm, hot blood” and still combustible fire that remains in us.There is also a sense of “ritual”, such as shaving, bathing and changing clothes, burning incense and making tea…The idiom says, “People have evil intentions.”It’s hard to really understand someone when you don’t know what they’re thinking.The most complicated thing in the world is the relationship between people.The “most complex” can become the “simplest” if we practice awe and gratitude.It’s like the sun at eight or nine o ‘clock at night.The sunset glow was gorgeous and beautiful, but it was brief.Year after year after year, sad, eat, sleep…Suffering, hoping…The New Year of 2022 is coming. Here, I would like to send my best wishes to you all: happy New Year!You and your family!You lucky!See you every day!Li Nan (group leader) : Today is a beautiful day.Thank you to all comrades and friends who participated in this commemorative event.Brother Wen Hua’s beautiful photos tell us that both the dawn and the sunset are so beautiful and brilliant.In nature, they are not very different.But I still believe: my generation is eight or nine o ‘clock in the evening.What to say when to say it.The most important thing is to face our current situation with our feet on the ground and face reality.In real life, when you meet difficult things, who do you think of first?Who can come to your side in the first time?With all due respect, I’ve always thought that 6032’s comrades would be an option.But in real life, we can often see the sincere mutual help between comrade-in-arms.We have thought, said, and done.Finally, salute to all comrades and friends of 6032!Thank you for spending a wonderful day with us on 1218, sincerely wish you!Good night, sweet dreams…The place haunted by dreams of Guo Ziyi Memorial Arch in Huaxian County (1) The place haunted by dreams of Places (2