New Year immediately, debt next year to urge

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To the New Year, I decided not to urge you arrears!2022 owe buyers, are old account settled, next year again, not urgent ha, I am too lazy to do account [smiling face] old account not settled, urged a few times of kiss, said these days to my kiss, not to me, after the year, and every day to urge you to debt (if, really, turnover difficulties, have to give me again, nothing.The New Year, hope everybody, Anne be safe and steady, the smooth, a happy heart of good years, 2022 men of may all the smooth, a happy heart for a year), all easy to me anyway is that hard-earned money, and never give up [oil], also dare not to give up [fuels] for women’s shoes wholesale principal, low profits, and their resistance to death, to sell more is not enough to sell,The real dead money does not dare to old buyers, old buyers, I do not want to invoice, buyers really want to invoice, I also half.Worthy of the old buyer I owe, the style and price give me the utmost sincerity out.Every platform loan requires interest, but suppliers do not need it.Real economy is down, jump price supply is not stable, good goods are limited.It also takes courage to take a style that will not be left casually and owe it to someone you trust.Each person’s character really determines whether you can get the lowest price and make the manufacturer pay for you. Character is very valuable.Good character are willing to credit, said not to do debt business, in fact, is afraid of running accounts, or meet bad to talk to people.Alas, anyway good character, I want to give me, or more willing to credit, I owe the heart at ease.I’m willing to give her good stuff.Why not credit?Everyone has a difficult time, business is to do personality and human feelings, virtuous circle, I am too lazy to do debt [shy][shy][shy][shy] to the purchase of delayed buyers, I will be based on the payment of the flat degree, to decide, then owe the purchase of goods, more than how much, can not deliver goods.It is rare to come back, but I dare not owe it!Hard earned money, I just ordinary people, dare not to bet.Good goods are limited, timely stop loss, this is the true portrayal of each person’s heart.Now the business principal is too big, the profit is too low.Anyway, every debt, I will not give up, is day and night sweat money.However, it is true that the epidemic has not been easy for everyone in recent years, and I will not go too far. In fact, if everyone lives a good life, it is impossible to cut off the path of wealth and make a vicious circle on their way.(But, to tell the truth, upset, will also be in the mind, cause and effect cycle, this life not also, the next life a hundred times a thousand times also I [shy][shy][shy]) Hello talk, others will take care of you the same next time, come on!Everything is good and bad, ups and downs, no one’s life is smooth, no one can stay down forever.Be worthy of doing good) At the same time, try to help others.No man by day, no ghost by night.)Be thankful (allow yourself to repeat the good over and over and forget the bad.All pain comes from man’s desires and delusions. He who does not know it can never be happy.Try to export the good things, desperately strive to live in the sun.Come on, everybody.In 2022 May all my family and friends and all my buyers be healthy and healthy.Always have a good mood, always good luck around.I wish you a favorable wind, smooth water and the God of wealth in 2022.I wish everyone in 2022 can have a big breakthrough, can be happy, everything is ok [hair][hair][hair] every debt is gambling character I wish 2022 business prosperous, day into the gold, I meet you in 2022, business is thriving.I wish all my buyers and I have money, take my goods to make money, again and again to buy.2022 Bad character buyers and all people know, do not go to pity and sympathy, timely stop loss.May my two babies, a lifetime of physical and mental health, not afraid of things, not trouble, a lifetime of smooth.May all my buyers take my goods, sell them when they take them back, and make money when they take them back.May I be rich, thin, always good luck, always good, can help many, many people.The year of the tiger wealth