After a divorced father-in-law gave his grandson a red envelope on wechat during the Spring Festival, his mother-in-law was furious

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Oral/plum/Luo Yajie women today to quote the text emotional outpatient column elders send big red envelopes during Chinese New Year, wish they thrive in the New Year, it is full of love and best wishes, but these days, because I accepted his five-year-old son grandpa gave one thousand yuan red envelopes, but to discontentedness, I’m exhausted.It was the first day of the Chinese New Year, and my father-in-law, whom I had not seen for a long time, suddenly transferred 1,000 yuan to my wechat account. The note was for my son’s lucky money.”I haven’t seen my grandson for a long time,” he said. “This money is a small token of my appreciation. Please do accept it.”I was conflicted when I received the news.Because my in-laws, they’re like enemies.It’s been ten years since my in-laws divorced.The divorce turned ugly when his father-in-law cheated on him with a woman 10 years his junior.Mother-in-law character strong, refused to swallow humble pie, the matter to the woman’s unit, let the other party lost his job.Not only that, the mother-in-law also put this matter widely publicized, let neighbors friends and relatives all know, father-in-law feel that she regardless of their face, mother-in-law feel that father-in-law is unjust.They quarreled all the time, destroyed the TV set and refrigerator, and eventually got divorced.When my parents divorced, my husband had just entered college. Although he was very contemptuous of his father’s behavior, as a student who still needed his father to pay tuition fees and living expenses, what could he say?Later, my father-in-law remarried and my mother-in-law lived alone. After my husband and I got married, we took my mother-in-law over, hoping to make her enjoy her old age.Said to come to enjoy, but aggressive mother-in-law how to sit.She is good at washing, cooking and cleaning. She is very fond of her grandson. She often spends her retirement fund to buy things for him.For so many years, the mother-in-law of the father-in-law’s hatred did not disappear, has been to let us and father-in-law less contact, a few years ago father-in-law had a daughter, the mother-in-law even look at him: “daughter than grandson how much, really shameless!”In recent years, I did not meet this “former father-in-law” several times, in the son’s impression, only grandma, no grandpa.Occasionally when my father-in-law asks to see my son, I send him pictures or videos, and he’s always been nice.This year he gave my son a red envelope out of the blue. I thought about it for a long time and finally accepted it.I think the grievances of the previous generation should not affect the younger generation, and it is only natural for grandpa to give his grandson New Year’s money.Unexpectedly, I told my husband received this red envelope, was heard by her mother-in-law, she was furious!She scold me not sensible, shallow eyelids, she gave us spend money far more than this number, but also for our hard work to pay so much, I received her “enemy” red envelope, is in my heart, a few years did not see father-in-law than she is also important?Hearing mother-in-law’s words, I call too unjustly!In my opinion, this red envelope is not much money, just a little gesture from the elder.But the mother-in-law did not listen to my explanation, the second day of the year to pack up things back home, and said no longer to help me take care of the children.The husband complains me, says I should not receive that red envelope, the son also because grandma suddenly walks away, everyday mope.This year is really exhausted, how should I redeem?Plum: Happy New Year!From your narration, it is not difficult to see that mother-in-law is a strong, self-discipline, eyes can not tolerate a little sand.Also, she should love or have loved that she is now “enemy” – your father-in-law.The mother-in-law is not wrong.Be faithful to your marriage.Now in the son’s home is also money and effort, hard work.Father-in-law’s derailment, to her blow is too big, so she is desperate to destroy the “enemy”.Cheating on your father-in-law is wrong, betraying your family and your loved ones.But father-in-law may also have his difficulties, in the face of a strong wife, everything said, so that he has no position in the home, if in the outside of the yingyingyanyan, the weak man is easy to find an excuse for their own: “the home is too depressed.”There is nothing wrong with a father-in-law wanting to see his grandchildren, or giving them lucky money, or even remarrying and having children after divorce.You’re stuck in the middle and get along well with your mother-in-law, who has a strong personality.Keeping in touch with your father-in-law, whom you have only met a few times, and sending pictures of your children in consideration of the old man’s eagerness for his grandson, all show that you are a good and sensible daughter-in-law.There is nothing wrong with you receiving the 1000 yuan package from your father-in-law for your grandson. It is just the outburst of your mother-in-law that you did not expect.So, how do you get your mother-in-law back now?First, verbal mea culpa.Mother-in-law for the original home for the present home, all, but repeatedly encountered “betrayal”.As a daughter-in-law and a woman, you should sincerely apologize to your mother-in-law and admit your mistake.Father-in-law now has a small family with children, and the eldest son a harmonious relationship with him, the mother-in-law refused to accept, so, she did not give up and father-in-law confrontation for so many years.You did not stand in her position to consider the problem, did not refuse to father-in-law’s pressure bag, have his father-in-law’s wechat, and maintain close contact with his father-in-law, it is your fault.Second, sincerity in attitude.Communicate with father-in-law first and return the red envelope. Although he did not ask for the red envelope, his son will always be his son, his daughter-in-law will always be his daughter-in-law, and his grandson will always be his grandson. Please rest assured.But for family harmony, please take back the red envelope.Your father-in-law should be reasonable except for the affair.Third, be considerate in your actions.A daughter-in-law should treat her mother-in-law as well as her own mother.Her mother-in-law’s life is not easy, the first half of her life in that family, the result of the disintegration.He spent the rest of his life in this family, only to be betrayed again.You should be more understanding, share housework with your mother-in-law, eat sweets and be diligent.Make emotional contact with your mother-in-law and tell her you can’t live without her.Your mother-in-law gives money and effort for the family. You reciprocate by spending money and effort for her.My mother-in-law was so sad and lonely in her hometown that she went to fetch her by all means.Stronger people, in fact, the heart is softer.Plum, protect your mother-in-law!Editor: Xiao Qing