Year of the Tiger red envelope big send Tesco ice washed goods to Gome

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Happiness in the New Year is to put on new clothes and go home to meet relatives and friends, to taste all the delicious food at home, and to nest on the sofa with family for the Olympic athletes to help cheer!But if you take a deeper look, a big part of the happiness of Chinese New Year has to do with the fridge and washing machine.When the heart because of all kinds of mundane things and worry, open the refrigerator, see the fruit, cake stored in advance, the heart of the rainy day instantly can become sunny.When you meet a dinner party and find that your new clothes have been washed and dried, you will be in a good mood all day long.If you’re looking for a new phone, you can’t miss gome’s New Year offer!Just in the Spring Festival, Gome electrical appliances to create ice washing low price zone, super low explosive products together, buy is to earn!In addition, February 1 – February 15 period, Gome electrical appliances “Gome New Year goods Festival” and surprise red envelope for the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival, as long as you play tiger machine, you will have the opportunity to get 20 yuan – 300 yuan red envelope card vouchers!For those who grab the coupon, go to the nearby store and offer special discount activities for ice washing, which will make your hands cheaper!Lasting lock fresh only do food “porter” good refrigerator, just food porter.If you were asked how many days an ingredient can keep its umami taste in the freezer section, what would your answer be?One day, seven days, a month?Haier BCD-552WSCKU1 crystal glaze blue refrigerator gives the answer: 30 days!The whole space is fresh, frozen food materials are stored in large quantities, meat is fresh for 30 days, let your fruit and vegetable treasures like first sight!Of course, even the best refrigerators stink when food is stored for a long time.If you don’t want to face this dilemma, you can try a Haier refrigerator.Frozen room into greenhouse plant extract pure taste, triple sterilization, all-round protection of food safety for you and your family!Want extra storage but a small fridge?Might as well consider Haier refrigerator BCD-460WGHFD14NZU1, flat inlaid drawer refrigerator, ultra-thin fuselage, easy to hold space and capacity.The Spring Festival party is too much, clothes stains are inevitable!Cold weather, don’t want to do laundry?A washing machine with intrepid cleaning strength is very necessary.Cygnet washing machine TD100GMI6T, water rubik’s cube cold water wash, deep penetration clothing fiber, clean clothes and clothes!Home more expensive clothes, want to soft clothes, you can choose Haier washing machine XQG100-HB14176LU1, micro steam air washing, deep fiber killing bacteria, let clothes soft and fluffy!During the Spring Festival, it is often cloudy and rainy, so it takes a long time for clothes to dry naturally.If you want to wash and dry in one step, it has to be a washing and drying machine!C1 HD10PG3ELU1, soft washing and drying integrated, plus intelligent air washing, so that clothes as new, half an hour can be as clean as it is, to help you fear the rainy and haze days!New Year to send welfare, Gome electrical appliances is serious.In addition to the ice washed goods, “Gome New Year’s Goods Festival” benefits also cover air conditioning, water heaters and other household appliances, big-name mobile phones, laptops, digital goods are also low-cost activities.To experience gome’s products, go to a nearby store!Super red envelope big delivery, surprise haoli enjoy!Do not miss the friend you need!